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How Do I Decorate My Home For Halloween?

Halloween is the perfect time to let your inner child out and organise a fun party for family and friends. Of course, an event such as Halloween does require a decorated home that fits this special occasion. So, how do you get started decorating your home for Halloween and what are the things to think about? Read on to discover the ultimate guide to Halloween decorations!

Should I Decorate The Front Of My Home?

When it is Halloween, you want the neighbourhood to know that you are partaking in the event, this especially applies to those trick or treaters who are looking for homes that will provide a nice selection of candy. Therefore, it is always a good idea to decorate the front of your home for Halloween.

Decorations for the front of your home are relatively straightforward and you can often work with what is already there. Below, we have provided some of our favourite tips and tricks for front lawn decoration.

Use leaves - You usually do not have to do much to cover your front lawn with some old leaves, unless there are no trees around of course. If this is the case, be sure to collect some leaves from a nearby forest area to scatter around your front lawn.

The dead body - If you have an old pair of work boots laying around, you can create a dead body in your front lawn. Grab some dirt and shape it into a heap to resemble a buried person. Then, stick the boots on the end to make it appear like someone is buried there.

Tombstone mania - For those who do not like to mess around with dirt in their front lawn, there is an alternative in the form of a tombstone. There are plenty of fake tombstones being sold as front lawn decorations, so be sure to pick one up if you are looking for easy decorations.

Spider webs - Do you have some natural creepy trees or some bushes on the front of your home? Be sure to create some spider webs with string or some spray. Then, add some fake spiders or other nasties on them to make it even scarier.

Get some skulls - Another traditional Halloween decoration you can add to your front lawn is a skull. You can get plenty of fake skulls for Halloween, so this is another convenient option if you have the budget.

The pumpkin lantern - It would not be Halloween without a pumpkin lantern, so be sure to carve one out and put it on the front.

How To Make The Inside Of My Home Scary?

Decorations inside your home should be on point too. So, here are our top tips to make your home so scary your guests will be wetting their bed for weeks!

Transform your furniture - It is not enough to put a few decorations in your home, you have to consider your furniture too. You can easily transform your furniture by adding some black and white sheets over your sofa or choose some tablecloths that fit the season. You can also cover your cupboards and bookshelves in some fake cobwebs.

Use ambient lighting - Lights are important too when it comes down to the decorations in your home, as it can set the right tone. Use some hand carved pumpkins with candles for atmospheric lighting. You can also use some candles with some red dye, to make it appear like the candles are bleeding.

If you do not want to mess around with dye, simply obtain some white candles and surround them with some fake bugs. If you want to keep the light on inside the house, be sure to use your dimmer switch. Otherwise, the effect of all your candles will be lost.

Specimen jars - When you have the traditional pumpkins covered, do not forget to consider some specimen jars too. Fake brains, aliens, fake hands, or other body parts inside the specimen jar is bound to creep your guests out.

Decorate your walls - You do not have to paint you walls black to have the right effect. Cover any photographs, paintings, or posters with a white cloth, which gives it that old castle feeling. You can also draw some scary things on your mirrors, from fake blood and handprints to creepy eyes. Last but not least, make sure to make full use of those cobwebs.



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