Crepe Streamers & Paper Folds

Give your party a colourful and cheerful look with crepe paper fold and streamer range from Spotlight. Browse our party collection at Spotlight.

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Can I buy crepe streamers and paper-folds at Spotlight?

Yes, most certainly. Spotlight has a range of crepe streamers and paper-folds to help you get creative when planning your next party or special event. Whether you are decorating for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby or bridal shower, school dance, class party or house warming, crepe streamers make a wonderful and bright addition.

What's included in this range?

Spotlight's range of crepe streamers and paper-folds includes single rolls of Amscan crepe streamers in a rainbow of colours: green, blue, yellow, red, sangria, pink, hot pink, purple, lavender, orange, brown, black and white. If you can't choose, the Alpen Parties for Everyone range of 4-pack crepe streamers are also available in multi-coloured so you can hang a rainbow at your party. Both brands of crepe streamers are made of top quality paper which will survive twists, turns and your own creativity. This party decorator range also includes crepe paper-folds in the same colours as the crepe streamers so you can mix and match papers for decorating and wrapping gifts.

What are crepe streamers and paper-folds used for?

Crepe streamers are used for decorating homes and venues for parties. Crepe streamers can be used as garland and hung from the ceiling, twisted around bannisters, wrapped around chairs and other furniture to create a festive and fun look for any event. They can also be used for craft or for creative gift wrap. Paper-folds is also a crepe paper but instead of long strands, they come in flat folds, similar to wrapping paper. Paper-folds can be used for any creative project or party planning. They come in the same range of fabulous colours so check out what's available and start planning your next project or party.

Which crepe streamers and paper-folds are best for crafts?

Crepe streamers and paper-folds are great for a range of crafty jobs and projects. Which ones to use will depend on the project in process. Choose from single rolls of crepe streamers for smaller craft ideas or parties. For bigger projects, choose the crepe streamers 4-pack in a variety of colours to add vibrancy and awe to your artwork. If larger pieces of crepe paper is needed, go for the paper-folds, which are made from the same high-quality paper for durable, long lasting wear. Kids love working with crepe paper. It has a bumpy texture that young children like to touch, explore, and of course the vibrant colours will always hold their interest.

Can crepe streamers and paper-folds be used for special occasions and holiday decorations?

Yes, crepe streamers and paper-folds make gorgeous home-made special occasion and holiday decorations.

Christmas: Twist two or three different colours of crepe streamers to make your own garland for bannisters, furniture or the Christmas tree. Not only will these look beautiful, they'll be the exact colours you want. It's also a great project to get the kids involved with decorating. Paper-folds can be cut to different shapes and sizes and added to handmade Christmas cards and gifts or used as gift wrap.

Birthdays: Crepe streamers are often seen as the main decoration at birthday parties for kids and adults. Hang crepe streamers from the ceiling or walls in draping fashion for an impressive and decorative atmosphere. Crepe streamers and paper folds make lovely gift wrap and with so many colours available at Spotlight, your gift is sure to stand out amongst the pile.

Weddings:Here's another special occasion where crepe streamers and paper-folds have a large presence. Smaller budget weddings often call for DIY decorations and there's not a better, more

versatile paper for making garlands, bows, flowers, wreaths and corsages.



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