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For the biggest balloons on offer, look no further than our great super shape foil balloons here at Spotlight! If you are looking for more balloons, our party range has a wide selection of offer, including plain and printed latex balloons, as well as many different coloured, printed and shaped foil balloons for every occasion. Together with our party decorations, tableware, games, invitations, loot bags, favours and other party accessories, you can now easily create a themed party, or commemorate any occasion, special event or birthday with our superb range of party items from Spotlight.

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Master Balloon Decoration With These Helpful Tips

Balloons are used in various party settings. They can make a birthday more festive or a wedding more elegant, so learning how to decorate effectively with your chosen selection of balloons is a must. If you wish to master your balloon decorating skills, be sure to read through the helpful tips below.

Which Balloon Colours Should I Use?

This is a common question among those who wish to decorate a party venue with some balloons. Of course, the answer can be different, because the type of venue and the party you are throwing can determine the suitability of certain colours.

Birthday celebrations - For birthdays, primary colours are usually recommended. For example, you could choose a selection of blue balloons in different shapes for a man's birthday party, or pink shades for a woman's. If you want to keep it neutral, you can also choose shades of yellow and green.

Weddings and engagements - When it comes to weddings and engagements, there is almost an infinite amount of colour combinations you can use. Some colours are more common than others though. Gold and silver prove especially popular, and so do pastel colours.

Balloon decorators who are looking to modernise their setup can use other colour combinations for weddings and engagements, this includes magenta and ivory, lilac and purple, lilac and silver, white and ivory, or even a combination of burgundy and gold.

Before you make a colour selection, always make sure to check with the bride. You should also consider the colour of the tables and the chairs in the venue, although these can be remedied with coloured tablecloths and chair covers.

Christenings - Christenings usually entail one or two colours. For girls, you can choose pale pink balloons. If you like a contrast, you can add some white balloons to the mix as well (or if you are keeping it gender-neutral). For boys, you can use some pale blue, with the option of some additional white balloons.

How Can Balloons Become A Decoration?

Balloons are not solely something to put up in a corner of a venue, they can become beautiful decorations that set the tone for any event. So, how do you make them truly shine? Here are some of our favourite tips and tricks.

Table decoration - A table decoration is a great way to use your balloons. Of course, you should not use too much of them per table, as it can easily become overwhelming. Ideally, you should use two to three foil balloons per table. To ensure the right number of balloons, a little test is usually required beforehand. If things look a little empty with just two balloons, add the number to three.

Ground decoration - If your venue looks a little empty where the floor is concerned, you can liven things up with some balloon decorations on the floor. The benefit of balloon floor decorations is that you can use more of them than you would on a table. So, five balloons is not that uncommon.

When you create a ground decoration with some balloons, we must mention it is a good idea to use odd numbers. While you could in theory use an even number, you will find that an odd number of balloons usually looks better.

How Do I Keep Helium Balloons From Rising To The Ceiling?

Many people buy their balloons and their helium, only to conclude they forgot a weight to keep the balloons from rising to the ceiling. Even though there are some special occasions where helium balloons on the ceiling look great, you most certainly need a counterweight for table decorations and ground decorations.

The weight you need for a helium balloon is not overly dramatic, as they do not require that much force to stay in place, except for an outdoor event of course. You will also need some ribbon, this to attach the balloon to the weight and to arrange any bouquets of balloons you are creating.

Where Do I Get Helium For Balloons?

Helium is widely available in cannisters, which can be purchased or hired from a specialist company. However, if you do not want to deal with the inflation process yourself, you can also come to Spotlight to have your helium balloons inflated for you.



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