Shaped Foil Balloons

Spotlight now offers foil balloons in just about every imaginable for every celebration or occasion! Explore our range of low-priced foil balloons today.

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Can I purchase shaped foil balloons from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have so many balloons, and these fabulously shaped foil balloons are just examples of the awesome choices that we have available. This range includes a whole host of foil balloons, in a comprehensive variety of shapes, sizes colours and designs. Whether you are gifting or looking for fabulous foil party decorations, our shaped foil balloons selection is a great place to start. Whether you are looking for the perfect balloon for a child or an adult, then we have the balloon for you. With such a vast choice available, plus our guaranteed low prices across the whole range, shop Shaped Foil Balloons online or at your local Spotlight today.

Would these balloons make a good gift?

Balloons are a great gift for so many occasions, and our fantastic selection will bring instant joy and a huge smile on your lucky gift recipient's face. We have balloons for just about every occasion, and whatever you are celebrating we are sure that you will find the right message for them on one of our top-quality options. Wish them good luck with one of our fantastic good luck balloons, or congratulate the new arrival of a baby boy or girl with a balloon that is more than suitable. There is nothing quite like opening a box only to be surprised by balloons floating out. Your lucky recipient is sure to be impressed!

Can I get these balloons filled with helium?

Yes, you can. Using our handy Store Locator, you can check which one of our stores has a balloon inflation service with Hi-float options also available in select locations. We advise our customers that you order in advance as our balloon Inflation service can get extremely busy, especially over the weekends, so please check in store prior to purchasing to ensure that they have the service available.

What other balloons do you have available at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, we are passionate about balloons, and we have hundreds upon hundreds to choose from. Whether you are looking for party decor or a fabulous gift for someone that you love, we are confident that you will find the perfect balloon for you amongst our selection. Choose foil balloons for the ideal gift, with this traditional balloon option being available in such a huge variety of size and shapes at Spotlight.

Whether you are looking for a single option or matching balloons that complement each other, our foil balloons collection would be a great place to start. Latex balloons are the traditional balloon option, and they can be blown with air or filled with helium. With character balloons, a rainbow of colours and styles, and plain options available, we are sure to have the latex balloon for you. Alternately, Bubble balloons are so much fun - they are large, see-through and possible in lots of different designs or perhaps our super fun air walker balloons. If you are throwing a themed party for a little one, they are sure to love having balloons that include their favourite characters, from the best children's TV and films around. There are tons of balloons to choose from, for every occasion and event.

Is there anything else I need to remember?

We would like to remind customers that helium balloons can be damaging to the environment if released as this can be dangerous to both wildlife and the ecosystem. Our balloons are made predominantly for indoor use. Some foil balloons may also conduct electricity, and it is critical that they are not released near any power lines. Please note that excessive heat or temperature changes may cause the balloon to burst. Always ensure that you discard broken balloons immediately as they can pose as a choking hazard, we recommend adult supervision for children under the age of eight at all times.



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