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With the widest selection of quality balloons, Spotlight has all your decoration needs for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions covered. In this range of printed foil balloons, customers can find some of the best themed options in the entire catalogue. Our printed foil balloons are excellent for children’s birthday parties, but they are good options for adult parties too. Check out the options available to you today and get some balloons for a really sharp price!

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Decorate Your Party Venue With Balloons

Did you know that it is possible to decorate an entire party venue by just using balloons? Say goodbye to using countless banners, centrepieces and other decorations, because a nice selection of balloons is all you really need. If you want to learn how, be sure to check out the information below.

What Balloon Colours Are Best For A Party Venue?

The balloon colours used for a party will depend heavily on the special occasion. You will generally use different colours for birthdays than you would for weddings and anniversaries. To give you some insight into colour selection, let us provide you with some examples.

For birthdays, you want to focus on primary colours such as blue, green, yellow and the like. While you can pay less attention to the colour wheel and use colours that are polar opposites, we do suggest using mixed shades of one or two colours to make it all come together.

When you need to choose balloon colours for weddings or anniversaries, subtle and classic colours are the best. You want to look at white, ivory, or creme, which always provide that classic wedding feel. The boldest colour you can choose for weddings is royal purple, but this has to be combined with some white and ivory balloons too.

For christenings, you can use the traditional pale pink and pale blue colours. You can also go with neutral white and creme-coloured balloons. A combination of pale pinks and whites, or pale blues and whites can be used too.

How To Decorate A Party Venue With Balloons?

When you think of balloons as a decoration, you are probably thinking about a net that is suspended above the venue filled with balloons, which is dropped over the course of the evening. Or you could be thinking about some lone balloons pinned to the wall. Of course, there are many other ways to decorate a party with balloons, and we are about to disclose some of our personal favourites.

Centrepieces: It is possible to use balloons as a centrepiece. All you need is three to five latex balloons in one or two different colours. You can fill these with some helium and attach them to a thin stand that is placed in the centre of the table. Alternatively, you can tie the balloons together and use some subtle ribbon to tie it all together. The balloons will keep themselves up, so there's not an issue with that.

When you use balloons as centrepieces, always make sure they do not block the view of your guests when they are sitting down. Also, make sure they aren't to close to open flames such as candles.

A balloon arch: Balloon arches can be the main focus of any venue. They are popular for many different parties too, this includes weddings as well as christenings. Balloon arches are not difficult to make, but they do require a little research. If you have never made one before, it is a good idea to practice before you tackle this particular job.

Balloon banners: If you are tired of paper banners and want something a little more substantial, you could choose some balloon banners instead. Like the balloon arch, they can make any venue look special. Simply use some string and tie the balloons around it in short succession. For extra effect, blow up your balloons in different sizes for some extra dimension.

Ceiling balloons: If you like the idea of having the entire ceiling covered with balloons, but don't want to hold them up with a net, you can use a combination of helium and balloons in two different colours. Add a string to each of the balloons and simply let them float to the ceiling.

Ceiling balloons are very popular for adults as well as children's parties. Of course, children will especially love this kind of decoration, as they can grab their own balloon from the ceiling and run around with it for the rest of the day. So, be sure to add some extra balloons to keep your decoration intact over the course of the day.

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