Little girls will be delighted with one of these princess tiaras for birthdays or dressing up occasions. Browse our range of tiaras at Spotlight today.

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Can I buy tiaras at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight offers tiaras in the same fashion as all the most wonderful and adored fairytale princesses like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. We also carry tiaras to match any party dress, sporting event or Girls' Night Out occasion. What little girl doesn't dream of being a princess some day? And every royal princess needs a beautiful tiara to sit high on her head. Tiaras are the perfect accessory for birthdays, tea parties or any occasion when dressing up and looking glamorous is required. Find all your tiara needs here, at Spotlight.

What is a tiara?

A tiara is a jewelled headband traditionally worn by royalty. The ornamental headdress slips into the hair and is usually held on with some combs that hug the scalp. Although classically worn by queens, princesses and other aristocrats, today, the tiara can be found upon the heads of models, actresses, pop stars and Hollywood elite. A tiara makes a bold fashion statement, which begs attention and adds a touch of glamour and style to wardrobes and fancy dress costumes.

When would you wear a tiara?

A tiara matches perfectly with fancy dress costumes such as: queen, princess, mermaid, bride or the old Hollywood movie star. Tiaras also make fabulous accessories and prizes for birthday parties with pink and glitzy girly themes. Ladies celebrating with a girls' night out may like to wear an elegant tiara to symbolise their bride-to-be status and fun-loving nature. Tiaras can be worn any time you need a hat or headwear to pair with your fancy dress costume at parties, social gatherings, sporting events, bachelorette nights or Halloween.

Could you wear a tiara to a school dance or prom?

It may be customary for the Prom Queen to wear a beautiful, jewelled tiara but modern day pop stars have made tiaras fashionable for anyone who wants to be treated like a queen or princess. Not all tiaras are what you may think either. Today, tiaras are more than diamond and gems. Fashion-focussed tiaras can include feathers, beads, pearls and even a veil, which is perfect for a bride-themed costume. Another attention-grabbing tiara that would suit a prom dress is the Amscan Hollywood Deluxe tiara, which is a mini top hat decorated in faux rhinestones and feathers to create a fun and fabulous school dance ensemble.

Which tiara goes best with a princess costume?

Tiaras and princesses go together like peanut butter and jam, and it's hard to imagine one without the other. Little girls like to dress up as a princess for everyday wear so having a few different tiaras as part of her wardrobe will allow her to mix and match them to her favourite dresses. Every little girl needs a classic, diamond-crusted tiara (faux diamonds, of course) to wear on those special occasions such as a birthday party or afternoon tea date. Children adore fairytale princesses and strive to dress like them. Spotlight is delighted to have a collection of fairytale princess tiaras so girls can pretend to be like their favourite princess. Choose from Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel or a Frozen-themed tiara featuring both sisters. Tiaras are also a great party accessory and Spotlight has several Happy Birthday styled tiaras.

How many styles of tiara does Spotlight stock?

Spotlight stocks a colourful and fancy range of tiaras for costumes, birthdays, hens nights and special events. Choose from our online collection of up to 20 different fun, fabulous and elegant tiaras that are sure to look gorgeous with any fancy dress costumes worn by all genders.



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