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Top off your fancy dress costume or party outfit with a matching hat or headwear from Spotlight. Explore our large collection of hats and headwear today.

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Can I buy hats and headwear at Spotlight?

Yes, at Spotlight, we have a solid collection of hats and headwear to go with kids and adult costumes of all styles. Hats and headwear are the perfect accessories to complete your fancy dress outfit too. We have everything from Fedoras to bandanas, cowboy hats to pirate hats, 80s headbands to Mad Hatter headwear and everything in between. No matter which character or costume you are creating, chances are Spotlight has the right hat and headwear to match it.

Which hats and headwear would kids like?

Kids love flashy and fun and Spotlight's hat and headwear selection has lots to fit the bill. Let kids' imaginations blossom with the magic of dress-up with a kids costume and matching hat and headwear. For girls, think pink and fluffy headbands - quirky head boppers and glitzy princess headwear. For boys, there's tall and pointy wizard hats, skull and cross bone pirate hats and red firefighter helmets to pair with kids fancy dress costumes.

Which hats and headwear are best for birthday parties?

Long gone are the days when birthday party hats and headwear consisted of a plain pointy cone. Now, birthday hats come in all shapes, sizes and styles. For princess-themed birthdays, choose Amscan Birthday Princess Felt Headband or the Headband cone hat. Both styles are pink, silver and glittery. Everyone likes to feel like a queen or king on their birthday so be sure to grab a Amscan Foil Crown Hat or the Amscan Customisable Birthday Age Hat for the birthday boy or girl and put them up on a pedestal. Spotlight has a super collection of hats and headwear for birthday parties for all ages.

Which hats and headwear are good for a hens' night?

It's customary for the bride-to-be and her bridal party to have a pre-wedding girls' night out to celebrate the last days of single-hood. These bachelorette parties are often themed with the bride and partygoers dressing up in costumes, hats and headwear. For this special occasion, Spotlight has the Girls Night Out Elegant Bride Baseball Hat, which is a white ball cap with the word BRIDE spelled out in pink sequence and a mesh wedding veil flowing from the back of the hat. Another fun hat and headwear option for the bride, is the Girls Night Out Elegant Bride Mini Clip On Hat. This wee top hat style headwear comes in white with the word BRIDE in pink and a string of pearls around the top for an extra touch of class. Hens' night guests could wear any one of Spotlight's many glam hats and headwear such as the Amscan Marabou Halo, Amscan Head Wreath or the Amscan Roaring 20s Headband to mix things up.

Which hats and headwear go well with Halloween costumes?

Each October, various Halloween parties and events means the need for a funny or terrifying costume. Finding the right hat and headwear is just the thing that may complete your amazing fancy dress outfit. Pirates seem to make an appearance at every Halloween party and you can't be a good pirate without a hat and headwear. From skull and crossbones hats to bandanas, Spotlight has the right pirate hat and headwear for your costume. At Spotlight, we have a range of hats and headwear to match all kind of costumes: cops, pilots, gangsters, and 80s pop-stars, cowboys, vikings, witches and wizards. Scroll through our selection to find the best hat and headwear for your next Halloween party costume.

How many different hats and headwear does Spotlight carry?

Spotlight features over 100 hats and headwear pieces that can be worn to birthday parties, charity events, fancy dress parties, concerts, hens' and bucks' nights - festivals, reunions, sports days or any event that requires a bit of fun fashion and dress-up.



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