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Face and body paint at Spotlight are perfect for kids parties, Halloween, and everything in between. Get creative today with Spotlight's arts and crafts!

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Can I purchase face paint from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Turn a face into a work of art with these amazing selection of paints and all the tools that you need to apply them. They are safe and easy to use and will help you to create an authentic look that would look great for any fancy dress party. Buy a selection of our paints and offer free face painting at your child's next birthday party, or simply choose the ones for the costume that you have in mind. For fabulous face and body paints at Spotlight's guaranteed low prices, shop online or in store today.

What is included in this range?

This selection features just about everything that you could possibly need to turn your face into an artistic masterpiece. Get creative, and rock out in full costume for your next fancy dress party. This range of face and body paint includes a wide range of paints that are designed for the face or body in a rainbow of colours. Whether you are looking for crayons or creams, or even markers for more intricate designs, you are sure to find the product that you are looking for here at Spotlight. We also have a selection of face paint sets that are ready to go.

Simply choose the character that you are hoping to recreate, and your set will include all the paints to match the image. Whether you are intending to dress up as a Monster or Ghoul or feeling more like a Fairy Princess, just check through these fabulous kits to find the perfect one for you. This selection also includes a range of Face Paint Stencils, ideal for painting precise shapes such as Animals and Aussie symbols. Shopping for Halloween? Do not forget to stock up on fake blood for an extra dash of gruesome.

What can I do with these face paints?

There is so much that you can do with these paints, the only limit truly is your imagination. Whether you were hoping to be a Zombie monster or just recreate easy animals for the little ones, we have the face or body paint that you need to make your plan a reality. While face paints are the perfect addition to any children's birthday parties, they are not just for kids!

For festival chic or Halloween style, face paints could be the perfect finishing touch to your costume. There are so many tutorials and step by step guides online, you will easily be able to find the perfect face for you. Remember, practice makes perfect, and if you are struggling with a difficult design, practice before your event to get it on point.

Do you have any tips for removing face paint?

Our face and body paints have been designed to be quick and easy to remove. They are kind to skin, and there are so many different types available. To remove face paints, use baby wipes or makeup wipes, then wash the face with your usual facial wash. For stubborn make up that is proving difficult, use a small amount of baby oil, and it should wipe easily away. Alternatively, check out the face and body wipes that we have available at Spotlight, these purposely designed wipes are ideal for quick and easy clean up that is kind to skin.

Do you have any face painting tips for beginners?

The only limit with face paints is your imagination! Whether you are hoping to create an intricate design that will show off your artistic skills or a simple creation that matches your outfit perfectly, there are a few things that you need to consider. Keep a good supply of water nearby to keep your brushes and sponges wet and make sure that you have plenty of hair clips and ties to keep hair out of the face. Use a sponge for larger areas and a paintbrush for getting those finer details spot on. Only use glitter that has been specially created for the face. Craft glitter contains sharp edges which can lead to irritation, and potential long-term issues and damage. Finally, be extra careful around the eyes and lips and seek medical advice if there are signs of irritation.



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