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Looking for a tutu for ballet performances, fancy dress parties, cheerleading duties or theatrical costumes? Then take a look at our beautiful classic tutu available here at Spotlight.

Made from soft tulle fabric with an elasticated waistline, the tutu is available in one size only but can be supplied in a wide range of colours including black, white, pink, blue and red. It can be worn under a skirt to give extra fullness or on its own as part of a costume.

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All about tutus. Everything you'll need to know about this popular ballet costume.

What little girl doesn't dream about being a ballerina? And every ballerina needs a tutu. The tutu dates back to 1832 when Italian ballet dancer, Marie Taglioni wore the first ever tutu on stage in Paris, France. The gathered gauze skirt became an instant classic and must-have for dancers, party-goers and seekers of glamorous fun. Today, the tutu is as popular and adored as ever by day-dreaming children, women celebrating pre-wedding get-togethers and men who want to make a statement and get noticed. Whatever your reason for wearing a tutu, be sure to look through Spotlight's wide range of colourful, classic tutus.

What is a tutu?

A tutu is a skirt made of tulle, a soft fine material that is often used to make veils and dresses. The tutu became popular amongst ballet dancers as far back as the 1830s when the delicate skirt made it's debut on a Parisian stage. Since then, the romantic tutu, as it was called, became a staple ballerina costume and accessory. Now, every dance-dreaming child and fun-loving adult can be seen wearing a tutu for play and fun at parties, charity events, marathons and of course, dance competitions and recitals. Legend has it that the dance skirt was named after the word French children use for bottom, which is tu-tu.

How do you wear a tutu?

A tutu is worn around the waist usually by a gathered elastic band or satin tie. The gauzy skirt comes in a range of lengths and styles: puffy fluff for play, soft hanging for everyday fashion or stiff and wired worn over a leotard by professional ballerinas at recitals. The tutu may not be everyone's cup of tea as modern fashion, but it's certainly widely accepted as a fancy dress costume and children's dress-up outfit.

How many colours do tutus come in?

Spotlight carries a variety of vibrantly coloured tutus for children and adults who love to wear fun, attractive and attention-grabbing fashion. Mix and match tutus in red, pink, silver, gold, blue, green, purple or, if you can't decide, choose a rainbow coloured tutu. If bright isn't your thing, don't worry, we have tutus in white and black too.

Who is most likely to wear a tutu?

Although it's always been a ballerina costume, the elegant garment was made trendy and chic in modern fashion when Iceland's internationally famous singer, Bjork wore a swan-themed tutu to a Hollywood movie award night in 2001. While not everyone would wear a tutu-themed dress to the office, they would wear one to a fancy dress party or as team garb for a charity fun run. Tutus are also popular wear for hens' nights and Spotlight has a couple designs perfect for those special girls' nights out. Of course, little girls who dream of being a ballerina also love to wear tutus. If ever in doubt of what to buy a young dancer, go the tutu and you'll be the favourite aunty or uncle for years.

What are the most popular tutus at Spotlight?

Spotlight knows how loved tutus are as a dress-up item and party costume, which is why we stock a variety of styles and colours to suit almost every occasion and event. The Supporter Tutu comes in gold, silver, black, white, blue, yellow, red, green, purple, pink and rainbow, which makes it a popular choice as it's so easy to pair with your other fancy dress items. Wear it also with tights or under another skirt to give lift and volume. Spotlight's Disney-themed dresses with a tutu-styled skirt are must-have fashion items for little girls who dream of being princesses. With so many tutu choices on offer at Spotlight, you'll have no problem finding the perfect frilly and fun skirt for those playful days and parties.

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