Now you can create a complete character for your fancy dress or theatre costume with all the additions you require including the right glasses!

Certain styles are unmistakable, such as Harry Potter, Dame Edna, The Blues Brothers and Elvis, but there are also fun Shamrock glasses, Happy Birthday glasses and many other styles to add to your character or disguise.

Complete your outfit also with wigs, hats, gloves, beards, moustaches, jewellery and other accessories, all available here at Spotlight to put the finishing touches to both adult and child costumes. Check out the range today!

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  • Shutter Glasses

    Shutter Glasses

    An 80's favourite, these Shutter glasses will finish off your costume and add a touch of fun!

    Reg: $5.99

  • Happy Birthday Cup Cakes Glasses

    Happy Birthday Cup Cakes Glasses

    These colourful novelty glasses will be enjoyed at any age! With an adorable cake and candle motif, everyone will know who they're singing 'Happy Birthday' to.

    Reg: $7.99

  • Glow Glasses

    Glow Glasses

    Glow Glasses are cool and bright glasses bring more fun to your party.

    Reg: $3.49

  • Amscan Hi Count Funny Glasses Favours

    Amscan Hi Count Funny Glasses Favours

    Fill your party bags with these cute Amscan Hi Count Funny Glasses Favours and make your guests happy! This will make a great give-away or just leave them around to entertain your guests.

    Reg: $4.49

  • Geek Glasses

    Geek Glasses

    Embrace your inner nerd with these classic, chunky glasses. They might not make you any smarter, but they'll help you look the part!

    Reg: $4.00

  •   Amscan Supporter Jumbo Sunglasses

    Amscan Supporter Jumbo Sunglasses

    Complete your funky outfit with Amscan Supporter Jumbo Sunglasses.

    Was: $3.99

    Now: $2.99

  •   Amscan Supporter Jumbo Glasses

    Amscan Supporter Jumbo Glasses

    Complete your colourful ensemble with these fantastic glasses. Available in a range of colours, these jumbo specs are sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

    Was: $3.99

    Now: $2.99

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