Now you can create not only good-looking but also great tasting bakes at home, with the excellent range of baking ingredients available from Spotlight.Make your own delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other baked foods for yourself, family, friends or special occasions.Cake mix ingredients, food colourings and flavourings, chocolate, and fondant, icing and gum paste are just some of the many items waiting here for you, ready to turn them into mouth-watering creations. Check out our selection of trays, moulds, decorations, and utensils here at Spotlight too.

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Can I buy baking accessories and tools from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. You will be able to bake your way to success and make some truly fabulous edible creations with some of our fabulous products here at Spotlight. Recreate those amazing bakes that you see on your favourite cooking shows or social media pages. From sparkly glitter that will look fabulous adorning any princess' birthday cake to chocolate moulds that are perfect for Easter and just about all the ingredients and tools, you could need to make your baked treat. Be inspired by our fabulous range of pre-made decorations, moulds, colourants, fondants, and all the tools you need to use them.

What is included in this range?

At Spotlight, you can find so many wonderful baking supplies for all occasions, and whatever you are hoping to make, we are sure to have the right product for your culinary creation. Not sure which of these tools would be right for your job? Check out our handy guide below for everything that is included in this selection.

Sprinkles and Pearls: The perfect way to top off any cakes or biscuits, sprinkles and pearls will add a beautiful, elegant touch. Cover the whole thing with glitter for a sparkly extravaganza that will knock any princess' crown off, or use the beautiful pearls to form intricate and elegant designs.

Toppers and Picks: Pop toppers or picks onto your cupcakes or cake for a touch of fun, including birthday greetings, cute characters, and even a beautiful bride and handsome groom that would be ideal for a wedding cake.

Colours and Dyes: This range also features kaleidoscope of colourants and dyes that will help you to create the colour that you desire.

Fondants, Gums and Pastes: Make it- or fake it- with our wide selection of readymade fondants and icings available at Spotlight. You will be able to get right down to the decorating process with our easy to follow instructions and a selection of different types. You are sure to find the perfect choice for your baked treat.

Cake Mix: Save the fuss, and shop cake mix! With a range of different sponges available, these will guarantee cake success.

Moulds: This selection also includes a range of moulds, ideal for making your own candy or chocolates in a wide variety of different shapes. With lollipop moulds in the shape of heats to a crown candy moulds and just about everything in between. Check out the Wilton Spoon Shaped Silicone Candy Mould to make chocolate spoons that will add a touch of magic to a cup of mocha or hot chocolate.

Which of these products should I buy to make a cake?

Well, that depends entirely on what you are making, and your desired finished design. If you are shopping for the tools to make your own wedding cake, the Amscan Bright and Groom Cake Topper or the Wilton 1st Dance Wedding Topper along with some roses carved from the Fondtastic Fondant Tub White 4 k, could be all that you need for a simple yet elegant design. Whether you are hoping to make a birthday cake to remember or a Christmas cake for the whole family, we have just about everything available now at such fabulously low prices. To purchase our selection of cake making products, simply shop online, and we will deliver right to your door.



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