Edible Pens & Write On Gels

If you enjoy decorating homemade cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other items and adding personal messages or birthday wishes, check out the range of edible pens and writing gels here at Spotlight. With different types of icing, gels and decorating paste in a huge range of colours, you can match any style of cake and decoration. Achieve perfect results much more easily with the specially shaped pens and gels, which allow you to make fine lines ideal for writing and precision decorating. You can even add sparkle with the Sparkle Gel decorating tubes.

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Can I purchase Edible Pens & Write On Gels from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. If you are looking to add a personalised message to your cake creation, then edible pens and write on gels are a great way to shout it out loud. They are easy to use and effective, and with a rainbow of colours available, you are sure to find the perfect one for you. Our fabulous selection of edible markers and write on gels are ideal for adding any small details to your cake, and you will be impressed with how easy it is to create beautiful and intricate designs. With such a massive choice available, plus our guaranteed low prices across the whole range, make Spotlight your one stop shop for all your baking needs.

What is included in this range?

At Spotlight, we have a whole host of Edible Pens and Write On Gels to choose from, and you are sure to find the perfect option to draw or write on your culinary creation amongst this huge selection. Our excellent decorating pens can be used to write and draw on cakes, just like a real pen but edible! Piping Gel is ideal for adding fine details or using as an adhesive, whereas, our dual-tip pens will ensure that you always have a nib that is right for the job. Add some shimmer and sparkle to your cake creations with Sparkle Gel, with a wide choice of colours available.

How do I use piping gel?

Well, that does depend on which of our fabulous piping gel products you have chosen. Some of them come ready to go in tubes, with fine tips, whereas if you are buying in bulk, you will need a piping bag and thin tips. Piping gel is also a great option as an edible adhesive and can be used to attach any embellishments to your cake. Create flowers, characters, or just about anything else and affix to your cake using a small dot. At Spotlight, we have clear piping gel available, which is ideal for an adhesive. However, this can also be coloured using food colouring or shimmer dust. It is easy to achieve your chosen shade, merely add a single drop of colouring into your gel until you have reached your chosen shade. There really is no limit to the designs that you can create, the possibilities are endless, and there is a wealth of inspiration available online.

Do you have any tips for writing on cakes?

Writing on your cake can be a bit daunting, particularly if you are worried about your handwriting. If you are not quite sure, then practice piping on a plate, piece of parchment paper or another clean surface before you add your writing to your cake, This will help you to get more comfortable with the equipment, and help you to gauge how much pressure is needed to ensure smooth lettering. If you are using more than one colour, it is essential that you leave an appropriate time for the markers or gel to dry before adding your second dimension.

This is particularly important if you are putting colours close together because if they are still wet, colours may bleed into each other in an unattractive manner. Edible markers are fairly easy to use, and these could be a great option if you are doing cake decorating with children. There should be little mess, and they will love being able to express themselves creatively through baking and decorating. However, remember that edible pens are not suitable for use on candy melts, soft icing or waxy chocolate, and on the wrong surface they may not produce colour or draw smoothly. Ensure correct spacing by starting in the middle of your message. For example, if you are writing happy birthday, write the first p in happy and the t in birthday and then work out from there. If you are still worried about getting the perfect writing, you could also use a toothpick to mark out your letters before you begin.



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