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How To Create The Perfect Picnic Basket?

There is nothing quite like enjoying a lovely picnic. At Spotlight, you can benefit from a range of picnic baskets, enabling you to create the perfect picnic basket with lots of yummy goodies for friends and family. But how do you create that perfect picnic basket that everyone can enjoy? Read our guide to packing the perfect picnic basket below!

Do I Need To Purchase Any Special Plates Or Cups For A Picnic Basket?

Even if you are having a picnic, a selection of matching plastic plates and cups can certainly make the entire thing more appealing. Fortunately, plastic cups and plates are quite affordable, so you do not have to invest loads into your picnic basket setup.

Of course, there are fancier versions available too. While we recommend the plastic options for picnics that involve children, if you are going on an adult picnic, you can choose proper glasses and fancier plates. If you do purchase the fancier, breakable plates and glasses, always make sure they are properly protected when you transport your picnic basket.

How Do I Keep The Food Fresh In A Picnic Basket?

This is actually a common question, as perishables may be included in your picnic basket. To avoid problems with bad food, it could be advised to put your perishables in a cool box instead. You can also use a selection of ice packs in your picnic basket to keep the food cold for as long as possible.

While ice packs can keep the temperature down in the picnic basket, the most effective and reliable method to keep your food cold and fresh is by storing it in an appropriate cooler. You can use your picnic basket for your glasses, plates and napkins, while you use the cooler for foods and other perishables.

Taking a cooler is beneficial for drinks too. The last thing you want to serve during a picnic are lukewarm drinks, so including some drinks in the cooler is not a bad idea.

Hygiene is paramount when it comes to your picnic, so do not forget to take some baby wipes and anti-bacterial gel, allowing your guests to clean their hands before touching any of the food. While it may seem like more of a hassle, your guests will thank you for it.

How Do I Avoid Soggy Sandwiches And Salads?

When you spend a lot of time preparing sandwiches and delicious salads, the last thing you want is these salads and sandwiches turning soggy before you can serve them. As you can guess, the storage method of your salads and your sandwiches is extremely important.

To avoid your sandwiches and salads getting soggy, you should always store them in individual containers. You should also keep them cooled, as heat and warmth could cause them to turn soggy too. Ideally, you should store them in a cool box. If this is not possible, you can also place sufficient ice packs in a picnic basket.

What Are The Best Portable Snacks For A Picnic?

Certain snacks are easier to transport than others and less susceptible to perishing if stored in the right manner. Popular options include mini pies, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, and drumsticks. You could also consider some baked goods, this may include brioche rolls, croissants, and other things that stay fresh for longer than a day.

Should I Make My Salad During The Picnic?

You can make your salad beforehand and store it into an appropriate container. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot do any finishing touches before serving the salad. For example, you can layer your salad to maximise its freshness. Put sauces and dips first and put the lighter ingredients on top. Once you are ready to eat, simply grab a mixing spoon and stir your salad before serving.

Buying Your Picnic Baskets At Spotlight

Spotlight has a lovely selection of picnic baskets to take advantage of, but we also provide containers where you can store your salads and picnic snacks. If you still need to obtain supplies for your next picnic, then be sure to take advantage of the extensive catalogue of picnic products and the great deals offered by Spotlight.



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