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When it comes to picnic accessories, we've got the pick of the bunch - picnic backpacks, picnic bags, picnic wineglasses and other picnicware.

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Picnicking and alfresco dining made fun

The idea of a picnic always sounds superb but there are some secrets to ensuring your picnicking turn outs like it should (i.e., with everyone having fun).

Firstly, equip yourself with the picnicware essentials of a picnic hamper, picnic basket or picnic set and a good quality picnic blanket. With just these items, you have a place to stash all your picnic goodies and a surface to lay everything on, as well as resting your backsides.

Choose a spot for your picnic that has plenty of space around it, especially if you're bringing kids along who like to run and play. Also, ensure there's some shade to take advantage of, especially given the harshness of the Australian sun. Somewhere close to a river or lake always adds a relaxing and soothing element to the picnic experience.

Whatever you choose to drink and eat, make sure it's easy to share and serve, and that you've stowed everything in containers that won't spill or leak.

Essentials you'll need for your next picnic

Picnic rugs

Durable and weatherproof, when it comes to picnics, only a picnic rug provides the stability and support your picnic requires, while protecting you from any dampness (or creepy crawlies!) on the ground.

Cooler boxes & bags

Keep your food and drinks as crisp as if they'd come straight from the fridge with the appropriate cooler boxes and bags. Remember, going on a picnic doesn't mean compromising on good cuisine or hygiene.

Melamine dinnerware

Enjoy your picnic without worrying about damaged items. Melamine dinnerware offers less waste than disposable bowls and plates, and a more refined eating experience.

Water & food flasks

Just as the right dinnerware can make (or break) any picnic, so too can your drink containers. Water and food flasks are perfect for not just transporting refreshments but also keeping soups and other liquid foods at the preferred temperature for serving.

Party dinnerware & linens

Anything that can be used for an outdoor party can also be used as picnic gear. From platters to tablecloths, napkins and table covers, your picnic servingware and dinnerware can be as low-key or as extravagant as you want it to be.

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