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How To Sew On Sequins?

Sequins are popular additions for garments as well as accessories such as clutches and handbags. If you are looking at our collection of sequins, you are probably thinking about tackling such a product yourself. If this is the case, be sure to read through our sequins guide, telling you everything you need to know about adding sequins to your masterpieces.

How To Use The Overlap Stitch For Sequins?

The overlap stitch is commonly used to give the appearance of restrung sequence. To add them to a garment or an accessory, pull the needle through the fabric and then string your sequins as required. To ensure your sequins stay in place, always put the needle back through the fabric - this on the side where the sequins will overlap. Doing a stitch on that side ensures that the thread stays hidden and your sequins look flawless.

How To Use A Backstitch For Sequins?

You can also use the backstitch for your sequins. This is also one of the easiest methods, as it works with the same principle as a regular backstitch. There are also a couple of reasons why crafters use a backstitch for their sequins, but the main reason is durability. By using a backstitch, your sequins will sit around the same line and won't snag as easily.

To create the backstitch for your sequins, pull the needle through the centre of a single sequin. Next, bring the needle through the fabric again on the side of your sequin. If successful, your needle should come out in the centre of the sequin.

Once you have pulled the thread through the centre of the sequin, you can thread through another sequin and go back to the centre of the first sequin you put in. When you come back up, do so on the far side of the second threaded sequin. Repeat this process until you have added all the sequins.

One of the downsides to the backstitch is that it leaves the thread visible and this is something to consider. Make sure you have a thread that does not clash with your material or use another technique if you want the thread to remain hidden.

How To Sew On Sequins With Beads?

It is possible to combine sequins and beads on the same garment. However, there are a couple of methods to do this, so we urge you to read through the various methods before going ahead.

Two-line sequins with beads: To do this stitch, you need to thread a single sequin and a selection of beads. In most cases, this will be a selection of seed beads, which are small enough not to take away from your sequins. Once you have added the required number of seed beads, add another sequin on the thread. Next, put the needle through the fabric to get a two-line sequin and bead effect.

We must mention that you can determine the distance between each pair of sequins. This kind of control is a great thing to have, as it allows you to play around with design and even enables you to create something more unusual.

One-line sequins with beads: One of the problems with the two-line sequins is that they can snag easier. If you want something more durable and stronger, we suggest the one-line sequins with beads. While a single bead and sequin will look less elaborate than our previous suggestion, they are far more durable.

To create a one-line sequin and bead combination, pull the sewing needle through the centre of the sequin and then add a single bead. Once the bead is added, pull the sewing needle through the centre of the sequin again. By doing this, you use the bead to keep the sequin in its place. It is a remarkable durable method and can add something special to any garment or accessory.

Trailing beads and sequins: When you want beads to be the centrepiece of your creation, you can use trailing beads and sequins. Start by bringing the needle through the back of the fabric and thread several beads on the thread. Next, go through the fabric again and go back up to thread one sequin and several more beads. Repeat this process until you are happy with the quantity.

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