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Spotlight's Guide To Ironing Motifs And Patches

Some aspects of sewing have become easier over the years, especially since more advanced supplies have become available. One of the things that has added to the convenience of sewing is the so-called iron-on motif or patch. Instead of having to sew or embroider a nice little detail on your project, you can simply iron it on.

Never applied an iron-on patch or motif before? Check out our guide to ironing motifs and patches below to get yourself started.

Are Iron-On Patches Suitable For A Nylon Fabric?

There are some fabrics that are rather sensitive to heat, this makes them less suitable for iron-on patches and motifs. Nylon is one of the materials where the iron-on patch cannot be applied, as the proper heat cannot be transferred onto the nylon fabric. Additional fabrics that are not as compatible with iron-on patches include elasticated fabrics, leather, rayon, and waterproofed fabrics.

Please note that fabrics such as nylon, rayon, and leather can still benefit from a patch. However, instead of the iron-on option, you can choose a patch that is sewn into place instead.

Can I Use Iron-On Patches On Polyester?

You can use iron-on patches or motifs on a polyester material. However, polyester can burn if too much heat is applied for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, crafters must use a specific transfer method to apply an iron-on patch properly.

When working with polyester, apply the patch to the desired area first. Then, quickly apply the iron just to make the glue looser and to make it slightly stick to the surface. Once this is done, turn the garment inside out and iron on the inside of the material.

What Fabrics Are Most Suitable For Iron-On Patches?

As we mentioned briefly already, some materials are better for iron-on patches than others. Generally speaking, fabrics such as denim and cotton tend to go will with iron-on patches. Polyester is also a suitable option, although special care must be taken to prevent burns or discolouration on the fabric.

Will Iron-On Patches And Motifs Come Off In The Washing Machine?

Iron-on patches and motifs are designed not to come off in the wash. Naturally, the patch must be applied properly, so you must make sure it is properly applied before you wash the garment.

To ensure the patch remains in good condition after its application, always turn garments inside out before you put them in the washing machine. Then, wash the garments on a cold-water cycle, this will protect the adhesive that connects the patch to the garment.

Can I Reuse Iron-On Patches And Motifs?

Some iron-on patches can be reused, although a separate purchase of specialist adhesive or double-sided tape may be required. That being said, the reuse of iron-on patches is not recommended, as some of the glue can become exposed and remain on the garment as it is reapplied. Therefore, it is always better to buy a new iron-on patch.

How Can I Remove Adhesive Residue From An Iron-On Patch?

If you are applying an iron-on patch for the first time and made a mistake, you could encounter some adhesive residue on your garments. When this occurs, there are several things you can do to remove the residue.

One method to remove residue is the acetone method. Use a cotton ball with some acetone-containing nail polish remover and dab the cotton ball onto the adhesive. Then, use a clean cloth to blot the residue away.

Another option is the cold-water method. Put the garment with the adhesive in the freezer, this will cause the adhesive to become cold and brittle. After some time, take the garment from the freezer and use a dull knife to remove the remaining residue.

Can I Get Iron-On Patches And Motifs From Spotlight?

Spotlight provides a range of beautiful iron-on patches and motifs. With designs such as cupcakes, hearts, and even smileys, you are bound to find something that matches your garment or another sewing project you have in mind.

At Spotlight, you can also obtain other crafting supplies. So, if you need anything else for your future crafting project, be sure to take full advantage of our discount prices.



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