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Add interest to garments or hide unfortunate stains or tears with some beautiful clothing embellishments from Spotlight. Suitable not only for clothing, but also for interior design projects such as cushions or bed linen, or craft objects like hats and bags, these clothing embellishments range from simple flowers to intricate appliques and elegant ruffles. Choose between sew-on embellishments and easy iron- embellishments in a range of styles and designs, or brighten up a hat, bag or even some slippers with colourful crochet flowers for a unique and individual touch.

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How To Effectively Use Embellishments On Clothing

Making your own clothes can be fun and functional. After all, you will always have clothes that fit your perfectly. Of course, there are many things that need to be thought of when you make your own clothes. One of the additional things you can encounter are embellishments. At Spotlight, you can find countless embellishments to incorporate in clothing.

The balance between a stunning clothing design and the right embellishments can be difficult to find for beginners. However, we have created a guide to give you more insight into embellishments and their use in the fashion world. This means you can now implement them like a pro!

Why Should I Incorporate Embellishments In My Clothing Designs?

Embellishments are all about decorative detailing on your clothing. Even if you are a beginner working with the most basic sewing patterns, embellishments can make your clothing quite unique and stylish. So, embellishments are not only popular with experienced crafters, but also those who are just starting out with clothes design.

In addition to the decorative value of embellishments, it is also worth mentioning that using them can add a bit more value to each of your designs. So, if you make clothes with the purpose of selling them, it is certainly worth adding some embellishments to your design.

Is The Use Of Embellishments Age Restricted?

You may believe that clothing designers only use embellishments in clothing for kids or young adults. However, this is not the case anymore. Fashion has changed considerably over the years. People dress younger nowadays, so embellishments can find applications in clothing for people of all ages.

Of course, embellishments can often be a case of personal preference. Some people do not like embellishments on their clothing, while others have a wardrobe full of clothing with embellishments alone. So, it can be a rather personal choice.

Can I Add Embellishments On All Kinds Of Fabrics?

When you start working with different fabrics, you will notice that the use of embellishments is something that coincides with the fabric you use. Fabrics can have different properties and benefits, which means some may be less suitable for embellishments than others.

One of the main things to consider is the weight and the thickness of your fabric. Adding embellishments on extremely thin fabric simply won’t work. After all, it will influence the design and the drape of the material if you add embellishments to a lighter fabric. Therefore, only use embellishments with heavier and thicker fabrics, which can take the extra weight.

Are Embellishments Only Used For Decorative Purposes?

We did not mention this in the previous section because there is an actual functional role for embellishments too. Actually, buttons are considered as a form of embellishment. They can be added for decorative purposes alone, but they are also used as a closure system.

Can I Embellish Accessories Too?

Clothing pieces such as trousers, blouses, and shirts are not the only fashion items that can benefit from embellishments. In fact, many fashion accessories benefit form accessories too; this includes handbags, shoes, and even scarves.

While there are many embellishments you can use for accessories and clothing, pearls are quite popular these days. Of course, you do not have to start with real pearls, as there are many artificial options that cost a lot less and look just as great.

In addition to pearls, you can also consider beads these days. Beads have been quite popular throughout the years, so they never go out of style, much like pearls. If you want a solid choice that will remain in fashion for years to come, then beads or pearls are always good options.

Spotlight Provides All Kinds Of Embellishments For Sharp Prices

At Spotlight, you can find numerous embellishments for your fashion and accessory designs, but also other crafting projects. Since embellishments can become an investment when you work with them a lot, Spotlight makes sure that there is always an affordable collection available to crafters. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our amazing collection of embellishments today and benefit from sharp deals. Of course, do not forget to check out our other categories!



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