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Spotlight's Guide To Sewing Trims

Sewing trims is just one of the many sewing categories our customers can take advantage of. Of course, trims are very important for most sewing projects, so it is certainly recommended to get familiar with it. For more information about adding trims, and to avoid some common mistakes, be sure to check the info below.

What Are The Most Important Things I Need To Know About Trims?

There are some tips and tricks you need to apply to make the most of your trims and your sewing project overall. While there are many things to think about, here are some of the most important things to remember when you add trims to your work.

Prewash your trim - Just like most fabrics, you should always prewash trims. Only synthetic fabrics tend not to shrink after their first wash, so most trims should always be washed before they are sewn.

Iron your trim - Wrinkles in your trim can influence the results as well. So, it is certainly a good idea to iron a trim before you sew it into place. Please note that not all trims can be ironed, this includes satin trims as they are quite susceptible to the heat of the iron. For these trims, you can use steam instead.

Check your needle - Trims can be quite delicate, so the sewing needle on your machine must be as sharp as possible to get the best effect. If your needle seems a little worn, it is best to replace it before you sew the trim in place.

Get some sticky tape - Many crafters use safety pins to keep the trims in place when it is being sewn into place. However, sewing pins can cause some damage to the fabric, so other fastening methods can be more suitable. One such a material is some sticky tape.

Loosen upper tension - The tension on your stitches is quite important when you deal with trims. To get the best stitch, it is always a good idea to increase the length of the intended stitch a little. You can also get a better effect by loosening the upper tension on the machine.

Don't stretch your trim - A common mistake made by beginners is overstretching the trim on the machine, this can make the trim less strong and cause premature damage.

Do Lace Trims Require Special Consideration?

Lace trims are a bit unusual when you compare them to most other trims, this because they are quite delicate in nature. Despite their delicate nature, they are used in countless garments and even home decorations.

You should only apply a lace trim once you have finished the hem on your garment. You can apply the lace trim with a straight stitch. While there are some other methods you can attempt, this method is the most straightforward for beginners.

Do Faux Fur Trims Require Any Special Consideration?

The faux fur trim is another specialist trim that needs careful handling. Fortunately, most crafters do not have to cut these trims themselves, as you can buy them from Spotlight for a very affordable price.

One of the benefits of purchasing a premade faux fur trim is that it does not fray and is beautifully finished already. You can also pin these into place, as they are less prone to damage than a lace trim.

When you stitch a faux fur trim, we recommend stitching on the inside and on the outside. The reason for that is quite simple, because faux fur trims tend to be heavier than lace and regular cotton trims. So, some extra stitching for more durability is certainly recommended.

If you do want to cut your faux fur trim yourself, be warned that it can be a serious clean-up. Faux fur is one of the messiest materials to cut, which explains why it is better to buy your faux fur trims from Spotlight.

How Do I Attach Braids To My Sewing Projects?

Out of all the trims that exist today, braids are counted among the most specialist trims. The braid can be added through a process called hand basting. You can also add the braid by sewing machine, this by using the so-called basting stitch.



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