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If you are looking for those perfect finishing touches to complete your outfit, then make handcrafted accessories using the delightful accessory patterns in this range. Whether you are hoping to create a new handbag, an apron to protect your clothes in the kitchen, or even projects for the home, you are sure to find the pattern that you need amongst this collection. With bargains galore across the range, shop accessory patterns now and accessorise without breaking the bank.

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Expand Your Patterns Collection With The Accessory Patterns From Spotlight!

Most people who love to work with patterns tend to love making accessories too - this is why we store an extensive collection of accessory patterns at Spotlight. There are a bunch of different items that can be made with accessory patterns - this includes anything from unique handbags to costume details.

Want to learn more about our collection of accessory patterns? Be sure to read on and discover what amazing patterns are waiting for you in our catalogue.

What Kind of Accessory Patterns Are Available At Spotlight?

Spotlight has one of the biggest collections of accessory patterns online and instore. We have accessory patterns for all kinds of accessories - this includes gloves, scarfs, walker bags, totes, handbags, and a whole lot more. So, if you are looking for something new to make, you are bound to find something original in our collection.

How Do I Prepare My Sewing Pattern?

When you are quite new in the world of sewing patterns, starting on a new accessory project can feel a little daunting. Fortunately, there are a few easy steps you can follow to bring your project to a successful end.

Before you start on your accessory project, it is best to start preparing your fabric. Grab the fabric you want to use and cut out the pattern before use. We must also mention that it is important to wash your fabric before you start the sewing process, as fabric does tend to shrink or run. After a good wash, your fabric is more likely to retain its size and shape.

Once you have prepared your fabric and cut out your pattern, it is time to read the instruction sheet. It is always advised to do this before you do any fabric cutting, this because most accessories or garments will require several pieces. Then, cut all the pieces of the patterns just outside the lines, since cutting on the lines does not leave an additional margin you usually need during your sewing projects.

When you are cutting your patterns, make sure you use paper scissors opposed to fabric scissors. While you can cut your patterns perfectly fine with a pair of fabric scissors, the paper can cause damage to the blades of the fabric scissors, making them blunt. Before you head over to your fabrics, make sure to press your patterns with a dry iron. Use the iron on a low heat - this can help to remove any creases or folds in the pattern paper.

How Can I Adjust A Sewing Pattern To Match A Different Size?

It is not uncommon to obtain a pattern that creates an accessory or a garment that is too small or too big for your needs. Fortunately, you can make some adjustments to your patterns when this occurs.

Most sewing patterns will include a size chart - this is one of the essentials you will need to alter the size of your accessory or garment. Simply refer to the size chart to find the size that meets your requirements.

Please note that it is possible you are between two sizes - this is often the case if you are working with garments. If you are between sizes and not sure which one to pick, it is always recommended to choose the bigger size.

What Are Some Additional Tips To Create My Own Accessories?

When you choose one of the patterns available at Spotlight, you will be able to choose from patterns that come with step-by-step instructions. So, even beginners who are not that experienced with accessory patterns will have no problems bringing their project to a successful end.

An additional tip for crafters out there relates to the fabrics used for a project. Before you begin, always check the different types of fabrics that could be used for your projects. Not only does this ensure the proper execution of the pattern, it could also enable you to be a little more creative with the result.

Do you have any additional questions about our accessory sewing patterns? Get in touch with the Spotlight team or check out the information pages in our catalogue. You can also visit one of our stores in person and speak to a member of the sales team.



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