Create professional finished edges and hems for all your home sewing projects with an overlocker. Overlocker machines are designed to stitch over the edge of one or two pieces of fabric to produce neat edging that will not fray. Usually, overlockers will also cut off the untidy rough fabric edges as they stitch.

Here at Spotlight, you can choose from various models of overlockers from well-known sewing machine manufacturers including Brother, Elna and Semco. As a rule, overlockers are able to perform three and/or four thread overlock, wide thread and rolled hem stitches.

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  • Elna 792D Overlocker

    Elna 792D Overlocker

    This Elna overlocker combines plenty of features at an affordable price. Able to be used as a three or four thread, the 792D has electronic foot control, a carry handle and adjustable stitch lengths and cutting widths. This overlocker is able to perform three thread overlock, wide thread and rolled ...

    Reg: $549.00

  •   Singer 14SH654 Finishing Touch Overlocker

    Singer 14SH654 Finishing Touch Overlocker

    Equipped with a differential feed to permit gathering fabrics for ruffles and sewing knits without stretching them, the two-needle Singer 14SH654 Finishing Touch sews six stitches with three or four threads and allows for quick, easy stitching, trimming and overcasting. It provides convenience, spee...

    Was: $799.00

    Now: $399.00

  • Brother 2504D Overlocker

    Brother 2504D Overlocker

    Create those professional finished edges and hems with the Brother 250D Overlocker. Featuring F.A.S.T lower looped threading system, free-arm/flatbed convertible sewing surface to ensure greater sewing speed, four colour threading guide and enhanced finish when it comes to sewing seams and rolling h...

    Reg: $599.00

  • Elna Elina Pro Overlocker

    Elna Elina Pro Overlocker

    Elna Elina Pro Overlocker is ideal for sewing stretch fabrics and hemming the skirts. With overlocker you can cut, hem, sew and assemble the garments quick and with ease.

    Reg: $849.00

  •   Semco Indigo Pro 4GT Overlocker

    Semco Indigo Pro 4GT Overlocker

    Looking for an overlocker that is both versatile and packs a punch? Why not use this delightful Semco Indigo Pro 4GT Overlocker! It is well suited to be your sewing mate, with its easy to use and convenient settings, you will be sewing in no time. With its sturdy built and high quality metal plus pl...

    Reg: $499.00

    VIP: $299.00

  • Out Of Stock Elna 664 PRO Overlocker

    Elna 664 PRO Overlocker

    The Elna 664 Pro overlocker includes a range of features to help you with your next sewing masterpiece. The perfect companion to your sewing machine, this overlocker features an automatic tension release, built-in cutting blade, self-threading lower looped and colour-coded threading routs. This over...

    Reg: $849.00

  • Out Of Stock Husqvarna Huskylock S15 Overlocker

    Husqvarna Huskylock S15 Overlocker

    Husqvarna Huskylock S15 Overlocker - Features 4, 3, 2 thread sewing, 15 stitches, thread cutter. Easy threading instruction included. The Snap-On presser feet will make it easier to change to optional feet for specialty technique....

    Reg: $400.00

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Can I buy overlockers at Spotlight?          

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have a range of overlockers available that will offer durable and stable performance at high speeds. Ensuring that you can quickly and efficiently create a professional looking finish to your textile projects. Shop online or in-store today for our extensive collection of overlockers from some of the world’s top brands, and available today at Spotlight’s guaranteed low prices.

What is an overlocker and why do I need one?

Our range of overlocker machines ensure a smooth professional looking finish that uses multiple different threads at the same time. An overlocker sometimes referred to as a serge machine by our North American friends, is super versatile, quick and can achieve a variety of fancy hems and posh stitches, including an overlock. An overlock is a stitch that is used whilst hemming, seaming, or edging, either joining two fabrics together, or you can use an overcast stitch to protect the edges of your material to prevent fraying.

The features of this machine will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to produce a finished item.   An overlocker machine will sew, overcast, and trim excess seam allowance all at the same time, helping you to complete your project in record time. They are also extremely efficient at attaching elastic neatly, ideal for waistbands, and can also be used to sew knits with ease, so that you can easily make your own winter woollies.

Which overlocker is right for me?

Well, that depends on personal preference really and how you are planning to use your new gadget. Check out the features by each of our products to figure out exactly what you are looking for from your overlocker. Here at Spotlight, we have a range of overlockers available from world-leading brands such as Singer, Brother, Semco and Elna. All of our machines are sure to provide convenience and speed, whether you are just learning or an experienced seamstress. Shop online or in-store today for all of the top brands, at Spotlight’s fabulous great value prices.

How should I balance the tension on my new overlocker from Spotlight?

At Spotlight, we fully recommend that you read the instruction manual that comes with your new purchase prior to use, as each of our machines are likely to be different. On an overlocker, each thread should be threaded individually and you need to be aware of tension control. Balancing the tensions across all of the threads ensures the best possible results.

Similar to a sewing machine, tension refers to the amount of thread that goes into the seam, if you decrease the tension more thread will flow and vice versa. Balancing the tension on your machine depends on what you are hoping to create, and the finished project that you have in mind. There are many factors that influence the tension, including the type of thread, the fabric, and the seam itself, amongst many others. Experts recommend that you place all of tensions on 4 at the beginning, and work from there. We would always advise you to sample your stitches on scrap fabric prior to use, just to make sure they are as intended.

How should I care for and maintain my overlocker?

It is important to clean your overlocker regularly because the machine is cutting the fabric whilst it is sewing, there is an increased risk of lint and dust getting into the machine. This build-up can result in significant problems later, and we would recommend removing all excess material and lint after each use. It is also advised that you get your overlocker machine regularly serviced, around once a year, to keep it running at peak condition.

We also recommend that if you are using your overlocker frequently, you get it professionally serviced.

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