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Tassels And Other Vital Accessories You Need For Sewing

Tassels are some of the most used accessories for sewing projects. After all, they can be used to embellish anything from curtains and furniture to shoes and handbags. Since they are used so often, there is no doubt in our minds that tassels should be a part of every crafters collection.

Aside from tassels, there are a bunch of other accessories and tools you need for sewing. But what are some of the most essential? Let us look at these essentials today.

What Measuring Tools Do I Need For Sewing?

Whether you sew by hand or by sewing machine, there will be many instances where you need to measure something. You might need to measure someone's size for a garment you are constructing, or maybe you need to measure the fabric you need to cut. These are all reasons why the range of tools for measuring can be quite diverse. Here are some measuring tools you cannot go without.

Tape measure: The tape measure is a staple for every crafter and especially for dressmakers. They are extremely useful to take body measurements, as they are flexible and easily go around a person's torso, leg or other area of the body. Even hatmakers find applications for a decent tape measure.

A selection of rulers: When you need to cut your fabric in a straight line, you will be grateful to have a couple of rulers on hand. Firstly, you can use them to measure the exact fabric you need, as well as any seam allowances. You can also place the ruler on the fabric as you cut out the required fabric with a rotary cutter.

Which Cutting Tools Are Essential For Sewing?

When it comes to cutting tools and accessories, you can spend hours trying to find the best tools for the job. After all, there are an astronomical number of cutting tools available. If you do not know where to start searching, here are the essential cutting tools for crafters.

Sewing scissors: Also known under the name fabric scissors, this is a definite essential for every sewing project. Sewing scissors make it much easier to cut your fabric smoothly. If you ever tried to cut fabric with some regular kitchen scissors, you undoubtedly know the difference already.

Embroidery scissors: You may wonder why you need embroidery scissors on top of a pair of fabric scissors. Well, fabric scissors should only be used to cut fabrics. If they are used to cut other things such as paper and thread, it could reduce the lifespan of your scissors.

A good pair of embroidery scissors is best for cutting thread. If you often struggle threading a needle, then some embroidery scissors could make all the difference. In fact, cutting the thread with embroidery scissors make raffling at the end of the thread less likely and makes it easier to thread your sewing machine or manual sewing needle.

Rotary cutter: Sometimes you need to cut several layers of fabric, which can be time consuming with a sole pair of fabric scissors. Fortunately, there is a faster solution in the form of a rotary cutter.

Rotary cutters are not made to cut pizza alone. In fact, you can get some special fabric rotary cutters these days, specifically designed to cut your fabric with the greatest precision. On top of that, they are also brilliant to cut several layers of fabric, saving you lots of time in the process.

Since you will be using your rotary cutter a lot, you also want to invest in a cutting mat. You can get these in rigid and flexible form, with the latter also being available in a self-healing format. The self-healing cutting mat seems to be the most durable option for most crafters, as the mat restores itself after repeated cutting.

Seam ripper: While this is technically not a cutting tool, it does have the ability to remove old stitches from a sewing project. In other words, it is still an essential for your kit. Beginners will find the seam ripper especially useful, as it can remove any wrong stitches in record time.

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