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What Is Blanket Binding?

Blanket binding is any piece of fabric that is used to finish a blanket, quilt or throw. It basically becomes the edge of the blanket, which can be used for aesthetic reasons, but also to add durability and to avoid frayed edges after the sewing process.

Aside from blanket binding, there are a bunch of other things to think about when you make your own blanket. To help you avoid common mistakes, and help you end up with the best blanket possible, we have created a useful guide for you.

What Are The Best Materials For Blankets?

When you create your first blanket, you will encounter many materials you can use. But which are the best materials with the most beneficial properties?

Cotton - It does not need to be said that a natural material such as cotton is one of the best choices for a blanket. Not only does cotton provide a soft blanket, it is also hypoallergenic, this makes the blanket more than suitable for anyone with severe allergies or asthma.

Wool - If you are looking for maximum warmth, wool material might be the best option. Of course, this does not mean you cannot use a wool blanket in warmer temperatures, as this blanket material has moisture-wicking properties as well as plenty of breathability.

Fleece - Some people are sensitive to animal-derived materials such as wool, in which case fleece could be the perfect alternative. Fleece is made from manmade materials and mimics the properties of real wool perfectly. However, it is important to remember that fleece is considerably lighter than normal wool.

Polyester - Another manmade material you could use for your blanket is polyester. It is a durable material that can be washed repeatedly without any signs of wear. Polyester fabrics tend to be cheaper than wool or cotton as well, which is great for beginners.

Acrylic - If you like the feel of wool and cotton, but do not like the maintenance that accompanies these materials, you could consider acrylic fabrics instead. This material is resistant to moths too, which is great when you intend to store your blanket in the summer months.

What Supplies Do I Need To Make A Blanket?

Aside from your fabric, you will need some basic sewing supplies to make your blanket, this includes a sewing machine, an iron, measuring tape, a marking tool, thread, and some safety pins for easier sewing.

Before you start sewing, make sure you have plenty of spare fabric. If you make a mistake during the creation of your first blanket, you can easily correct it if you have sufficient fabric laying around.

How Should I Cut Blanket Fabrics?

This can be variable on the pattern you are using. For most blankets, you will need two pieces of fabric in roughly the same size. Please note that you do not necessarily need the same fabric for the front and the back of your blanket. Some crafters use a fleece for the top and quilting cotton for the back. So, decide on your preferred fabrics before you start the cutting process.

To ensure your blanket fabrics have the same size, put them on top of each other and fasten them with your safety pins. If any irregularities pop up, you can correct them at this time.

Before you start sewing, you can also choose between square and rounded corners. Some crafters prefer the rounded corners over the square ones. If this is you, then use a round object on the top of your blanket and trace the round shape with a marking tool. Then, cut along the markings and fasten when you are done.

How To Stitch The Blanket?

Once again, the sewing process can be different according to the type of blanket you are making. For example, if you are using rounded corners, you will need to put your sewing machine on a slower setting to avoid problems.

When stitching the edges of the blanket, always make sure the front and back fabric stay aligned. For the frayed and raw edges of the fabric, be sure to use one of our blanket linings to add more durability to your blanket and hide any jagged edges.



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