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Master Quilt Backing With This Useful Guide

Many crafters love quilting - this is no surprise, as there are a lot of beautiful things you can construct through the quilting process. Of course, quilting comes with some techniques, which crafters aim to master to take their skills to the next level.

One of the techniques that is used for quilting is quilt backing. The "backing" of a quilt is one of the three basic layers, so crafters should become familiar with it before they start their first quilting project. If you are curious about quilt backing and some of its technical aspects, be sure to check out the quilt backing guide below.

What Fabrics Are Used To Back A Quilt?

There are a variety of fabrics that could provide the necessary strength as a quilt backing. However, cotton tends to be the most popular fabric type for quilt backing. Not only is this material durable, it is also remarkably breathable. So, if you are making a lovely blanket that must remain breathable, cotton could be your best bet.

If you prefer warmth for your quilting project, then you can also consider fleece. There are many types of fleece though, but one of the most popular is the so-called "minky fleece". Minky fleece tends to be thicker than basic cotton fabric, and it feels quite luxurious to boot!

How Can I Prevent Puckering When Constructing My Quilt?

A lot of beginners will encounter puckering during the quilting process. Puckering happens when the three parts of your quilt do not move as one unit on your sewing machine - this means that you should ensure your quilt backing, quilt top, and batting move simultaneously. Of course, this may be easier said than done, so here are some tips for beginners to correct the problem. When you construct your quilt, always make sure that the quilt backing is not overstretched. If you stretch the backing too much, the material cannot fall in the same manner as your other layers.

The stitches you use and the foot pressure you implement during the quilting process can also cause a puckering problem. So, beginners should increase their stitch length just a little and reduce the foot pressure to a certain extend - this will prevent a too aggressive grip.

How Big Should The Quilt Backing Be?

To ensure your quilt backing layer coincides perfectly with the remaining two layers, it is necessary for your backing to be larger than the top of your quilt. As a general rule, the backing and batting of your quilt should always be 7 centimetres larger than the front - this includes in length and in width.

Can I Use A Normal Sewing Machine For Quilting?

Spotlight stocks dedicated sewing machines for quilting, which can make the process a lot easier. However, there are special accessories you can obtain for a regular sewing machine to make it suitable for the quilting process. If you intend on free-motion quilting, then you need to disable the feed dogs and change the foot on your machine. If you cannot disable or lower the feed dogs in your standard machine, you can acquire a slider - this is a temporary cover that creates a more slippery surface for your quilt. Also, make sure to replace the foot of your sewing machine with a darning foot - this since the foot of a regular sewing machine is made to interact with the feed dogs.

Crafters can also use their regular sewing machine for something called straight-line quilting - this is done with the help of a walking foot and the feeding system on your regular machine. Matchstick quilting is the final option when you want to use your regular sewing machine for quilting. During this process, you use your standard sewing foot or a walking foot to create small straight lines over your entire quilt. Please note that this process is started on one side of your quilt and then moved to the other side. Need some additional supplies for your quilting project? Do not hesitate to get the supplies you need from Spotlight! From quilt backing and batting to quilting machines, you can find it all online for an extremely affordable price at Spotlight!



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