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Are you creating a beautiful quilt for the kids’ bedroom? Or are you creating a fun coat for your little one? Whichever it may be, our collection of quilting fabrics for kids is bound to deliver everything you require. Spotlight’s range of quilting fabrics for kids provides a design to fit everyone’s personal tastes. From Flamingos and beach themes to delicious watermelons, you will find every design you can think of in our collection. Check out the quilting kids range today to get your project started.

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How To Choose The Right Fabric For Kids Quilting Projects?

When you want to create a quilt for your child, there are some things to think about when you select your fabric. Fortunately, most of the things you need to think about are similar across the board. So, let's take a look at the top tips for fabric selection.

What Is The Basic Fabric I Can Return To For Kids Quilting Projects?

There are many fabrics to choose from, but one of the best ones is a basic cotton fabric. Cotton fabrics have countless benefits. Firstly, they are easy to work with, even for beginners who have little experience with sewing. Secondly, cotton fabric is very breathable. In other words, the result will be a quilt that is breathable and does not trap any heat.

Cotton fabric by the metre is an excellent option to get you started, but it does not eliminate some of the cutting and measuring that is involved with a large piece of fabric. Fortunately, there is a solution for this kind of problem, as you can also get fabric square from Spotlight.

Our range of fabric squares offers bundles consisting of fabric squares that have the same design or at least a series of matching tones and colours. Fabric squares can be particularly useful for beginners. It enables them to start on their quilt almost immediately, without the need for measuring or fabric cutting. Evidently, this can have a positive influence on the overall result.

Do I Use The Same Fabric For The Backing Of My Quilt?

We recommend using an extra wide quilting cotton for the backing of your quilt. By having a larger cotton fabric for the backing, you can reduce the number of seams needed for your quilt.

Please note that you can use a large cotton fabric for the front of your quilt too. We only recommend this for experienced crafters, as this technique is mostly used to show off detailed stitching. Also, make sure you use a backing in a solid colour to offset the large front fabric and show a bit more detailing.

Can I Use Old Pieces Of Fabric For A Quilting Project?

You can. If you have lots of fabric pieces laying around and you can make some fabric squares out of them, you can create a nice quilt with it. That being said, we do recommend only using fabrics of the same type. For example, you should only use fabric pieces that are all made of cotton fabric fibres. You should also use a thread that is made from the same fabric fibre - this ensures that your stitches are just as durable as the rest of your quilt.

Can I Use Applique On Children's Quilts?

We do not recommend applique for children's quilts, as they can be quite detailed and could be less durable than a quilt without applique. That being said, applique is becoming increasingly more popular for other types of quilts.

When you want to add applique to a quilt, we recommend using woven fabrics. Woven fabrics tend to be more forgiving when it comes to applique. Also, you must make sure that the applique won't melt during the straightening process.

There are countless techniques you can use for quilt stitching and designing. As a beginner, it can be useful to read up on these techniques and methods before you get started. To get some excellent advice, you can take advantage of one of the quilting books available at Spotlight. Our books can also provide you with some fun additional projects, for which you can use your recently learned quilting techniques.

Kids Quilting Fabrics & Other Quilting Supplies

Spotlight's range of kids quilting fabrics will undoubtedly deliver plenty of options for your kids' quilt. Of course, our kids quilting fabrics are not the only ones you can find at Spotlight. We have other quilting fabrics too, made from various fabric fibres. So, if you need something different than our kids quilting fabrics, be sure to check out those fabrics too.

At Spotlight, you can also find countless quilting accessories and tools. So, if you are just getting started with quilting and still need your supplies, be sure to check out the rest of our catalogue too.



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