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If you like creating your own clothing or outfits for others in your family, you will be delighted with the vast range of womens clothing patterns here at Spotlight! Including practical everyday wear and special occasion outfits, leisure wear and sleepwear, lingerie and even costumes, you can find costumes here for every event and occasion. The range also includes maternity wear, as well as petite and plus-size clothing patterns. Check individual patterns for size ranges and variations in length and style, and remember to browse our enormous collection of fabrics here at Spotlight for your next sewing project.

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How To Choose Your Personal Style In Our Women's Clothing Patterns?

Are you excited about making your own clothing? If so, you will find countless styles in our range of women's clothing patterns. From boho to vintage and casual, you can find much inspiration for your personal clothing collection.

Are you still finding your personal style and need some help deciding? Read through Spotlight's tips on finding your personal style in our clothing patterns!

How Do I Determine My Personal Style From Scratch?

Sometimes, you have no idea what your personal style is, but often admire the fashion sense in others. It is a problem that is more common than you might think, but fortunately you can find lots of inspiration online.

The trick is to find outfits that jump out at you, but also outfits you believe you will be comfortable in. We live in a world of fashion bloggers and style influencers these days, so there is plenty of inspiration on social media channels such as Instagram, Pinterest, and the like!

While it may be interested to look at the recent fashion shows to find some inspiration, you will find it difficult to find a style that you like. After all, fashion shows do not exactly show clothing and hair you could wear on an average weekday. So, stick with some inspiring influencers to find the clothing you like most.

Do I Need A Completely New Wardrobe?

Not necessarily, as there are bound to be some pieces in your wardrobe you actually like. Maybe you have a tracksuit you lounge around in at home and that feels really comfortable to you. Or there might be a pair of jeans that you cannot part with.

To determine what you want to throw, have a look at clothing you do not feel comfortable in. This can be clothing in the wrong size, but also clothing you do not feel good in overall. Simply grab a clear bag, add the lacklustre clothes, and bring your old clothes to your local charity shop.

Which Clothes Should I Make First?

You may have a dream about making a stunning evening gown, in which you will look absolutely amazing. However, if you empty out your wardrobe to find your new personal style, you must first look at clothing you will wear regularly. It is also a good idea to look at clothing that can be combined with most things remaining in your wardrobe.

Start with some general pieces, such as some black trousers, plain tops and other designs that can be worn on a daily basis. Once your wardrobe is starting to fill a little more, you can look at those stunning evening gowns that will wow the crowd.

How Do I Make Sure I Feel Confident With My Style?

Style is a big part of personal confidence, but so is overall comfort. If you are a little curvier for example, you may not necessarily feel comfortable in tight skinny jeans. Of course, curvy women can look amazing in skinny jeans, but it does depend on how confident it makes you feel.

Some women find loose clothing styles more comfortable. Of course, this does not mean you have to remain in your favourite track suit. There are many looser clothing designs that look remarkably formal and smart, so do not limit yourself to one particular type of clothing.

Of course, the opposite could be the case as well and you might not be as comfortable with looser clothing. If you are going for options such as tight leggings or tops, then always make sure to use a fabric that is comfortable on your skin and has plenty of breathability.

Finding Your Personal Style In Our Range Of Women's Clothing Patterns

You do not necessarily have to turn to social media to find your personal style, as you can find much inspiration in our range of women's clothing patterns too. From formal and smart styles to something a bit more casual, you can find it all in Spotlight's catalogue. Of course, we also have options for various age ranges, so you can find a style that you feel comfortable with, whether it is young and hip or more vintage!



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