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Are you having trouble finding good clothes because you have a petite figure?Then have a look through our large selection of petite clothing patterns and make your clothes to fit! Patterns come in a variety of womens dresses, pants and skirts.

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Get Clothing To Fit Your Petite Frame? Choose The Petite Clothing Patterns From Spotlight!

Having a petite frame can be challenging, especially when you need to shop for clothes. Most of the time, trousers and even dressers are made for people that are taller than you, which make clothing often ill-fitting and not flattering. Of course, there is a way for petite women to get the best clothing, this clothing is not only comfortable, it will be incredibly flattering too. Simply choose to make your own clothing with the petite clothing patterns from Spotlight.

Before you start creating your own wardrobe, there are some things that should be taken into consideration. If you want to enjoy flattering women&rsquo,s fashion instead of having to shop in the children&rsquo,s section, be sure to check out some of our tips for petite fashion below!

What Kind Of Pants And Jeans Are Most Suitable For Petite Women?

Being petite means you have to incorporate your shorter stature in the fashion you choose. However, this does not mean you are limited at all, because there are many things that will complement your figure.

One of the types of pants you should consider if you are petite is flared pants. Commonly associated with the seventies, these pants are now making a comeback and are flattering for someone with a shorter stature, this because the flares provide the appearance of longer legs.

When you choose flare pants to add to your crafted wardrobe, try to implement a high waist and a flare that starts at the knees, this will enhance the elongating effect of the pants. It is also recommended to combine flare pants or jeans with a pair of high heels for maximum effect.

While you can work with most types of pants, one type of pants to avoid when you are petite is so-called wide-legged trousers. Instead, it is best to choose pants that hug your figure, opposed to wide-legged trousers that will make your petite figure disappear.

Which Dresses Are Most Suitable For Someone With A Petite Frame?

There is good news for petite women, because most dresses work really well for those with a petite frame. That being said, there is one type of dress that could be problematic, more specifically the maxi dress. However, there are ways to still wear a maxi dress without getting lost in its blocky and frumpy design.

Petite women should contemplate the design of their maxi dress carefully. To avoid getting lost in the design of a maxi dress, create a maxi dress that has an elegant side split. Not only does a side split elongate the legs somewhat &ndash, especially when combined with some high heels &ndash, it also provides a bit more definition and balance in your overall appearance.

Are you considering a maxi dress with longer sleeves? Be warned that this can accentuate your petite figure in a negative manner. However, if you have a maxi dress with long sleeves, you do not necessarily have to throw them out. Simply roll up the sleeves to create that definition and balance you are looking for.

Which Skirts Are Best For Petite Women?

Wearing the wrong skirt can make you look shorter. So, if you want to elongate your frame, crafting the right skirts for your wardrobe will be important too.

As a general rule, it is usually best to avoid mid-length and long skirts, as these make you appear shorter. Of course, there are some design changes you can implement to still wear these types of skirts, but it will take you a little more time to create.

A shorter skirt is usually best to make yourself appear a little taller. Ideally, this is a skirt that sits on the knees or just above the knees. It is also advised to choose the right shoes when you wear a skirt. Ideally, you want to wear ankle boots in combination with a shorter skirt, as this combination can elongate the legs.

Have you always struggled to find a skirt that falls right on your frame? Check out our range of petite clothing patterns and find a pattern that provides you with clothing just for you. Buy your patterns today and experience a comfortable, stylish wardrobe.




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