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Do you want to take your sewing to the next level?Take advantage of our sewing craft kits, which contain original equipment such as tracing paper. Do you need some ideas as well? Be sure to have a look at our selection of sewing books!

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What Essentials Should Be Included In My Sewing Craft Kit?

Spotlight provides sewing craft kits, containing some of the essentials you need to get started with sewing. We also sell sewing supplies individually, which enables you to create your own sewing craft kit from scratch.

Are you curious about the essentials you need for your sewing craft kit? Check out our useful guide below to determine which basic supplies you should obtain as a beginner.

What Is The First Essential I Need For A Sewing Craft Kit?

One of the essentials you need for your sewing craft kit is a seam ripper, this is a vital part of your toolkit, as it allows you to remove stitches perfectly. Since mistakes are more common when you take your first steps in the world of sewing, a seam ripper will be a much-used tool for some time to come.

What Is The Second Essential I Need For A Sewing Craft Kit?

While you may have a collection of scissors in your kitchen, it is unlikely you already own a pair of fabric scissors. As the name suggests, fabric scissors are specifically designed to cut fabrics, so they are exceptionally sharp.

We must mention that there are different types of fabric scissors. You can obtain specialist fabric scissors for unique sewing projects, but also basic fabric scissors simply to cut your first piece of fabric. There are even fabric scissors with pointed-down angled blades, allowing you to lay the scissors flat while you are cutting.

A basic pair of fabric scissors is usually enough for beginners to get started. We do urge crafters not to use their fabric scissors for anything else than cutting fabric, as cutting different materials can cause premature wear and tear on the blades.

What Is The Third Essential I Need For A Sewing Craft Kit?

Embroidery scissors could prove useful for your crafting projects, especially the ones that involve sewing. Crafters commonly use embroidery scissors to cut thread, this goes from single thread to embroidery thread with multiple strands.

A pair of embroidery scissors is easily recognised by its long pointy blades, this allows for more control when cutting thread. It leaves a clean cut, preventing fraying and allowing you to work more precisely.

What Is The Fourth Essential I Need For A Sewing Craft Kit?

Your sewing craft kit should also include a pair of pinking shears. If you have never sewn before, pinking shears may look a little strange due to their saw-toothed blades. However, these shears are incredibly practical, since they limit the length of frayed thread. Fraying often occurs after cutting fabric with your fabric scissors. If you are looking for a cleaner finish for your sewing project, then a set of pinking shears is essential.

What Is The Fifth Essential I Need For A Sewing Craft Kit?

Measurements are extremely important when you start sewing, so you should certainly include a good tape measure in your sewing craft kit. Soft tape measures are recommended, this type does not only prove useful when measuring fabrics, it is better to take measurements of a person. So, if you intend on making clothes, a soft tape measure will become your new best friend.

What Is The Sixth Essential I Need For A Sewing Craft Kit?

Not everyone uses one, but a rotary cutter should be in your essential kit. Beginners often start with basic fabric shears, but once they become more proficient, they like to have a little more control over the cutting process, this is exactly what a rotary cutter if for.

When you use a rotary cutter on fabric, it becomes easier to cut those curves with greater precision. The cutter also allows you to cut several layers of fabric simultaneously, saving you lots of effort and time.

Much like scissors, there are different rotary cutters you could obtain. It can be useful to get a couple of rotary cutters in different sizes, this allows you to get the best rotary cutter for the job &ndash, for example, a smaller one for the most delicate jobs and a bigger one for more resistant fabrics.

Want to see more essential supplies available for your craft kit? Be sure to check out the range at Spotlight today!



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