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Your Exclusive Guide To Sewing Needles

Every crafter tends to have a collection of needles in their crafting room. When you are just starting out, most needles look the same, apart from a difference in overall size. Yet, each type of needle has its own intended purpose and properties, which can undoubtedly help with specific crafting projects.

Curious about different types of needles and their applications? Check out our useful guide below and get more familiar with your own collection!

What Are Sharp Needles?

Sharp needles tend to be the most common needles out there. They can be described as general-purpose needles, as they come in a large variety of sizes and can handle anything from fine fabrics to heavy fabrics.

A sharp needle is characterised by its sharp point and a rounded eye. Most sharp needles are of medium length, this with a length between four and five centimetres.

What Are Darner Needles?

There are various darner needles out there, this includes the short darner, long darner and yarn darner. Most darner needles are used for repair purposes. That being said, each of these darners is more suitable for a particular kind of fabric.

The short darner is a popular needle for cotton or yarn fabric, this due to the fact short darners have a longer eye. Long darners on the other hand, are more suitable for layered fabrics, while yarn darners are used to put knitted pieces and crochet together.

What Are Curved Needles?

While curved needles may appear a little unusual, they are very much used like an ordinary needle. Naturally, crafters will need to practice with this type of needle for a little while to become proficient at its use.

Curved needles are popular for a variety of crafts, yet it proves especially useful in crafts such as quilting. A curved needle can make it easier to obtain even stitching, so this could be a consideration for your next quilting project.

What Are Leather Needles?

As the name suggests, leather needles are specifically made for leather sewing. Naturally, leather is a durable material that is quite thick and difficult to get through with a normal needle. So, a leather needle is certainly necessary if you want to sew some leather or suede by hand.

Leather needles are available in the form of manual needles, but most crafters will obtain leather needles for their sewing machine. Since leather is a heavier and thicker material, the sewing machine will find it easier to get the right stitch on this kind of fabric.

What Are Tapestry Or Cross Stitch Needles?

The tapestry needle is characterised by its large eye and a round point at the end. These types of needles are relatively long, so they will be longer than your average sharp needle.

Tapestry needles are not only suitable for tapestry projects, despite its name. Most crafters will use tapestry needles on the larger woven fabrics, this may include plastic canvas, regular canvas, knitted fabrics, and crochet.

What Are Embroidery Needles?

Like the tapestry needle, the embroidery needle is characterised by a long eye. Because of the fact that some projects may require multiple threads, the long eye allows for easier threading for those specific projects.

Embroidery needles are not solely used for dedicated embroidery projects. In fact, many crafters use embroidery needles for their general-purpose projects too. Therefore, it is recommended to have some embroidery needles at hand, even if you do not do that much embroidery.

What Are Quilting Needles?

Quilting needles are commonly used for quilting projects. The needles are relatively short and thin, this to provide even stitching across the quilt.

Most quilting needles are available in sizes between number five and twelve. However, beginners will find it easier to work with a needle between a size seven and eight, since these are usually a little easier to handle.

What Other Needles Could I Encounter?

We mentioned a lot of needles today, but there are many more out there we have not even covered yet, this includes the milliners needle, beading needle, chenille needle and others. If you want to get more familiar with all the different types of needles out there, be sure to check out the catalogue at Spotlight!



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