Find twill, cotton and chambray fabrics in a variety of styles and colours here at Spotlight! Twill fabrics are generally hardwearing, while their weave gives them a soft appearance and a good drape, making them suitable for a variety of applications. Here at Spotlight, you can find both plain and patterned twill, cotton, stretch and chambray fabrics that will be ideal for making a variety of different items such as clothing, bags, household items, craft and interior design projects. All our twill fabrics are available by the metre for your convenience.

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Can I purchase twill fabric at Spotlight?

Yes, twill fabrics are available in plain and patterned varieties here at Spotlight. Twill is a term that refers to the type of weaving pattern used when constructing the fabric. In the case of twill, the weaving pattern consists of a series of diagonal, parallel ribs. These ribs give the fabric a very durable and attractive quality. It lends itself well to items that have to be able to withstand wear and tear such as childrens clothes, as well as workwear and uniforms.

What are the benefits of using twill fabrics?

There are many benefits to a twill style fabric. For example, due to the pattern of the thread, twill cloth shows much less dirt and staining than a regular, sheer fabric cloth would with the same amount of use and wear. Twill is also better able to resist and recover from wrinkles and creases. Another huge benefit of twill is that it increases the sturdiness of the fabric. It has a good drape and is easy to work with when sewing.

What types of fibres are included in twill fabrics?

Twill is often, but not exclusively, made using cotton fibres. Cotton twill is an extremely popular fabric for the construction of hats and other clothing. Cotton is an excellent fibre to use when incorporating the twill pattern and it receives all the benefits discussed above. However, since the twill pattern is such a good choice for fabric it is also often used for many other types of fabrics such as chino, denim, tweed, gabardine, serge, and others.

What types of twill fabric are on offer at Spotlight?

Here at Spotlight, you will find cotton, denim, stretch denim, quilted denim and chambray fabrics included in the twill range. All our fabrics are available by the metre, and you will find a variety of colours and weights of fabric on offer too. Twill fabrics can be used for dressmaking, accessories, interior projects and crafts such as toys, play items for kids.

Does Spotlight sell other types of fabric too?

Yes, here at Spotlight you will be delighted with the vast range of stylish fabrics on offer. They include fabrics suitable for dressmaking, tailoring, interior design, upholstery, curtains and blinds, crafts and many more projects in an around the home. Also included are pre-cut fabrics, and many special fabrics included lace, sequinned, (imitation) fur, leather and animal skin patterns, and many more. Browse our different ranges of fabrics today to see the choices available and remember that all your sewing essentials and accessories can also be purchased at Spotlight.



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