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Our Detailed Guide For Crafters Who Work With Linen!

Linen is a popular material among crafters, this since the material has countless benefits and a lot of attributes that are attractive for a variety of crafts. Yet, despite its popularity, there are a lot of things crafters do not know about this material.

Below, we have created a detailed guide on linen fabrics. By reading our useful guide, you can learn more about this popular crafting material and implement it even better in your crafting projects!

What Is Linen And Where Does It Come From?

Linen is a natural fabric fibre that is obtained from the stalk of the flax plant. Historians claim that linen has been around for longer than we thought, since there is some evidence linen was worn as early as four thousand years ago in ancient Egypt.

While originating in ancient Egypt, linen did not get known to the rest of the world until the Victorian era. The material would first enter southern Europe and Belfast eventually became the main producer of linen for the rest of the world.

Linen was not solely popular for garments. In fact, the rich would love bed linen made from linen, as it felt soft on the skin and left the body feeling cool during warmer days. Naturally, this has not changed over the years.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Linen?

There are a lot of advantages where linen is concerned. One of its prime benefits is high breathability, this means that linen will keep you cool, whether you are wearing it or whether you are using it as bed linen. Another natural fabric fibre, cotton, is also known for breathability. However, linen is much more breathable than cotton. So, if this is the main quality you are looking for, you will not be disappointed in linen.

Linen is also an absorbent material, this means the material has the ability to absorb moisture and then release it. For the hot summer months, such a quality is certainly appreciated. Of course, the absorption quality of linen also ensures that fabric fibres will not get damaged by that moisture.

Finally, linen is also a strong material with a relatively long lifespan. Over time, linen also becomes softer in the wash, so they only get better with wear.

We must also mention that linen has extra durability due to the nature of the flax fibre. Flax fibres do not stretch easily and are very resistant to abrasion damage. These are all reasons why linen is so brilliant.

What Are The Different Types Of Linen Fabrics?

As is the case with most fabrics out there, linen has different subtypes. Below, we have lined up all the linen variants and their properties for you to read.

One type of linen is so-called handkerchief linen, this kind of linen is known to have a slight sheer appearance. The material also drapes well, so aside from being used in handkerchiefs, it also has an application in blouses.

Another type of linen that you will regularly encounter is the linen-cotton mix, this mixture of cotton and linen can prove extremely beneficial. A combination of cotton and linen provides a medium weight fabric with excellent robustness and less creases.

A combination of linen and silk is another material you can come across. Like the previously mentioned material, a combination of linen and silk produces a medium weight fabric. Of course, the addition of silk also provides this material with a delightful sheen.

Finally, you can also come across so-called suiting linen. Suiting linen is also a medium weight fabric, yet it comes in many different weaves. For suiting linen, you can encounter a plain weave, twill, or a herringbone weave. Naturally, this gives you plenty of options for all your crafting projects.

What Linen Can I Obtain From Spotlight?

Spotlight provides an outstanding range of linen fabrics, this ranges from the standard cotton linen fabrics to the other options we mentioned here today. We also provide our fabric in a variety of prints, which could prove extremely beneficial for all your crafting needs.

Head over to our linen catalogue and discover all the outstanding fabrics waiting you there! With our low prices, we are sure you will not be disappointed.



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