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If you are searching for sturdy cotton fabrics that are hard-wearing and durable but available in tons of stunning colours, patterns and designs, then you are certainly in the right place. At Spotlight, we have tons of cotton, drill, duck and canvas fabrics to choose from, and we are sure to have the right one for your project amongst this collection. Whether you are looking for the perfect pattern for your home decor project or something colourful and fun for a child's room, these fabrics are sold by the metre, so you can order exactly how much you need.

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Your Guide To Cotton Drill And Canvas Fabric

If you have shopped at Spotlight in the past, you already know about our large collection of fabrics. Our fabrics can be used for many different crafts, this ranges from upholstery to garment making.

One of the fabrics you can find in our extensive collection is cotton drill. If you do not know much about this fabric, but want to learn more for crafting purposes, be sure to read the information below.

Why Do Crafters Often Use Cotton Drill In Their Crafting Projects?

Cotton drill is a remarkably versatile and strong material. Due to its versatility and strength, it is commonly used as a utility fabric. Among its applications, you will encounter uniforms, work clothes, and even upholstery projects.

Crafters can recognise cotton drill by its unique texture, as you can easily see diagonal lines on the fabric. In some cases, it strongly resembles denim, yet it has a much smoother appearance.

Is There A Difference Between Duck And Canvas Fabric?

There is a difference between these two fabrics, even though they are closer related than you might think. In fact, duck fabrics is a type of canvas fabric, so they have some properties in common.

Beginners can find it difficult to distinguish between duck and canvas fabrics, this is no surprise, especially when you consider that both fabrics are made from cotton and are made with a plain weave.

So, how can you tell the difference between duck fabric and canvas fabric? Well, the actual difference between these two fabrics lies in the thread count. Duck fabrics actually have a higher thread count, which makes the material a lot smoother than regular canvas fabric. When you take a closer look at each of the materials, you can notice some subtle differences between both, e.g. canvas usually has a more pronounced weave pattern.

What Is A Good Application For Canvas Fabrics?

When you think about canvas, you probably think about a canvas tent in the wilderness, this is not completely wrong, as canvas is used for this kind of application. Of course, canvas fabrics comes in various forms, so there are other applications for this kind of material.

Since canvas is a little on the heavier side, you will commonly use this material for projects that require some additional strength. Crafters use canvas for duffel bags, backpacks, and even more durable aprons and work attire.

What Is A Good Application For Cotton Duck Fabric?

Duck fabric is lighter than canvas fabric, so there are additional applications for this kind of material. Crafters will often use cotton duck for handbags, totes, and even blazers. In some cases, the material also makes good light upholstery.

Which Cotton Drill, Duck, And Canvas Can I Obtain From Spotlight?

Spotlight provides quite the diverse range of cotton drill, canvas, and duck fabrics in its extensive catalogue. We provide basic colours and weaves, but we also have some outstanding printed fabrics that allow some more advanced crafting projects.

In addition to our range of cotton drill, canvas, and duck, we also provide other fabrics, this includes anything from regular cotton and linen to nylon and polyester. So, any crafter in need of a good selection of fabrics will find what they need at Spotlight.

Our range of fabrics is not the only thing that may prove interesting to crafters though. Spotlight delivers an entire range of sewing supplies, sewing machines, haberdashery, and more. Whichever craft you need some supplies for, Spotlight is bound to have it.

There are lots of reasons why you should shop at Spotlight, but one of the main reasons is undoubtedly the sharp prices we provide on crafting supplies. Quality is important to Spotlight, but so is the price our customers pay for those supplies. To ensure customers get the best deal, we offer the best deals in New Zealand.

Head over to our crafting catalogue today and discover all the fabrics and supplies waiting for you there! Would you prefer to see our fabrics and crafting supplies in person before you make a purchase? Do not hesitate to stop by at Spotlight and walk through our shop to discover some amazing deals! We are sure you will love every moment!



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