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Why Choose One Fabric If You Can Choose Both? Discover Spotlight's Cotton Polyester Fabrics Range

Even tough loads of fabrics have benefits of their own these days, nothing beats taking advance of the combined benefits of two different fabrics. Two fabrics that are often combined are cotton and polyester, mainly because they complement one another so well. If you are curious about the benefits of these two fabrics and why you should choose a combination of both, be sure to read on.

What Are The Benefits Of Cotton Fabric?

Cotton is one of the most versatile fabrics on the market today, so it is no surprise that this material is popular among crafters, fashion designers, and even upholstery companies. But what makes cotton so great?

Strength - One of the major benefits of cotton is its unrivalled strength. The material has something called high tensile strength. Without boring you with too many details, it basically means it is a durable fabric with lots of resistance to wear and tear. On top of that, the material also becomes stronger when it is wet. In other words, cotton can withstand many cycles in the washing machine.

Comfort - Cotton is very popular for apparel because of its overall soft feel. Many people prefer the softness of cotton for their clothing, which makes this fabric a great choice for any fashion projects.

Hypoallergenic - There are many people in this world who suffer allergic reactions, this may include reactions to certain fabrics. Fortunately, cotton is a hypoallergenic material, which means it is the best fabric for anyone with high skin sensitivity of skin allergies.

Natural insulating qualities - Interestingly, cotton is one of those rare materials with natural insulating properties. In other words, this fabric keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which is all one really wants from their apparel.

Moisture regulation - Finally, cotton is also a fabric that can regulate moisture. As it is absorbent, it will keep your skin try. So, the top will get wet when you exercise and not the area between your skin and the fabric. Cotton can also take up a fifth of its own weight before it actually feel damp. A great quality to have indeed.

What Are The Benefits Of Polyester Fabric?

Even though polyester fabric is a manmade material, it does not mean that the material does not have many benefits to offer. In fact, its sheer manmade nature makes it the perfect partner for a cotton blend fabric.

Affordability - Many fabric manufacturers combine cotton with polyester to reduce the price of their overall fabric. Even though cotton is a sustainable material and quite easy to get, polyester is just a little bit cheaper. So, if you want the benefits of cotton fabric, but want a little reduction on the price, then a polyester-cotton blend is what you need.

Wrinkle and shrink resistance - Some natural fabrics can be quite susceptible to wrinkles and shrinking. A prime example of such natural fabric is linen, which is known to wrinkle quite easily. To counter this kind of problem, manufacturers will include a wrinkle-resistant fabric such as polyester in a fabric blend.

Fast-drying - One of the issues cotton has on its own is that it takes a long time to dry. That being said, polyester dries incredibly fast. Therefore, combining this manmade fabric with the slower drying cotton makes perfect sense to us.

Lightweight - Polyester is also fabric that does not weigh too much. When you are an athlete, this particular property can be incredibly important. Of course, polyester is not the most breathable material, so it can start to stick to your skin if you start sweating a lot. So, many manufacturers blend it with a breathable cotton.

Cotton And Polyester Fabrics At Spotlight

Spotlight provides customers with an extensive range of cotton polyester fabrics. If you cannot decide between the beneficial properties of both materials, you no longer have to choose because of our great collection. So, once you are done with reading all the benefits, why not take advantage of our extensive collection of fabrics. Also, do not forget to check out the other fabrics in our range either!



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