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Crafting Projects Where You Can Use Cord!

Is your crafting room filled with spare bits of cord, and do you have no idea what to do with it? Are you tempted of throwing that cord in the bin? Don't! Because there are a bunch of original things you can make with cord!

Below, we have created an overview of crafting projects where you will need those spare bits of cord. Of course, if you want to make any of these projects and do not have any cord, you can always purchase it from Spotlight for a low price!

What Is The First Crafting Project I Can Undertake With Cord?

One of our favourite crafting projects involving cord is a belt weaving project. That's right! All you need is a simple belt buckle and some spare cord and you can make your own belt from scratch.

Belt weaving is pretty straightforward, and you can use a variety of combinations to get the weave you want. Ideally, you want to undertake this project with some nylon cord, but most cords will work just fine.

What Is the Second Crafting Project I Can Undertake With Cord?

Braided accessories are some additional options you have for the spare cord you have laying around in your crafting room. Like the previous suggestion, everyone has its preferences when it comes to braiding accessories. You could start with the basic three pieces of cord, or you could choose something more elaborate and do the upgrade to five pieces of cord in a braid. If you have a lot of cord in different colours, some braided accessories are certainly a good idea, as they look amazing!

What Is The Third Crafting Project I Can Undertake With Cord?

Do you need more storage in your crafting room? Did you know that you could use those spare bits of cord to create a nesting basket? There is a catch though, as this project does require some degree of crochet skills and relatively thin cord.

Like the idea of nesting baskets for your crafting room or even the kids playroom, but are you finding it difficult to crochet with spare pieces of cord? No need to worry, as you can always use your spare balls of yarn as an alternative.

What Is The Fourth Crafting Project I Can Undertake With Cord?

Even little bits of cord can turn into something remarkably functional. One of the best examples of how to repurpose cord is a drawstring bag for all your laundry!

To make a drawstring bag with your spare bits of cord, you need cord, a pair of general-purpose scissors, some thick yet bendable wire, and a pair of pliers.

Start your project by cutting 20 pieces of cord in the desirable length. If you want a decent sized drawstring bag, use a length of 200 centimetres for each cord.

Prepare the thick wire and turn it into a ring. Remember, this will be the base of your drawstring bag, so the circumference of the ring will correspond with the size of the drawstring bag you are creating. Once you have made a ring of the wire, twist a piece of string around the wire and then tie any excess of with a simple rubber band.

To create the body of your bag, you will have to knot each of the strings on the ring. Then, knot each piece of string approximately 2 to 3 centimetres apart and go around in rows. Repeat this process all the way to the top of your drawstring bag. When done, you can remove the wire ring.

With this project, you can embellish the bag a little further if you wish to do so. A popular option is using beads between the knots, making your drawstring bag look spectacular and luxurious!

What Cord Can I Acquire From Spotlight?

If you feel inspired by the cord craft ideas mentioned here today, you can always purchase some additional cord from Spotlight. At Spotlight, you can acquire basic cord and yarn, but also dedicated cord for jewellery and leather-related projects. So, be sure to check out our entire collection and benefit from our discounts and low prices on all crafting materials!



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