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Looking for dressmaking materials for special occasions? Then check out our beautiful Chiffon and Georgette here at Spotlight, ideal for making evening wear, costumes and accessories. Chiffon and Georgette are both types of crepe fabric that drape extremely well and have an elegant and sophisticated feel. Available by the metre in various colours, these fabrics can be used for dresses, veils, drapes and even room dividers. These are just some of the large range of specialty fabrics available here at Spotlight for all your sewing projects, so check out the whole range today!

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Making A Dress For A Special Occasion? Check Out Our Special Occasion Fabrics!

A special occasion requires an amazing dress, but which fabrics do you select? This is a common question asked by anyone who ever crafted a dress for a special event. To help you select the best fabric for your special occasion, Spotlight discussed some of the most popular and fanciest looking fabrics below.

What Does "The Hand" Mean?

When you look at online patterns and recommendations from other crafters, you may encounter a term called "hand". If you are a beginner, then this term might not mean much to you.

The hand is a term that refers to the overall feel of your fabric. For example, does your fabric feel slippery, rough, soft, or anything else? The answer to the question is "the hand".

Evidently, the hand is detrimental to selecting the right fabric for a special occasion. While you may have fabric recommendations on your pattern already, getting familiar with "the hand" helps you later with the creation of your own patterns and fabric selection.

What Fabrics Are Used To Add Volume To A Dress For A Special Occasion?

There are certain fabrics that are mostly used to add volume to a dress for a special occasion. One such a fabric is called organza.

Organza has an overall crisp feel and is also easy to work with for beginners. There are a couple of reasons why you would use organza in a special occasion dress. Firstly, the material can add a substantial amount of strength to any dress. It can also be used to add volume or even to make your special occasion dress looking fresher and crisper.

What Is The Best Fabric For Wedding And Evening Dresses?

There are loads of materials you could select for wedding and evening dresses, but one of the most popular is satin. Satin can be made from numerous source materials - this includes cotton, wool, silk and even synthetic materials. Still, the result is always the same no matter what the source material is, a high-gloss fabric that works well for formal dresses.

While satin is the primary choice for formal evening and wedding dresses, beginners need to consider some common problems with this fabric. In fact, satin that has not been finished can easily unravel. So, make sure you have some pinking shears to finish your edges. This will provide you with a clean finish and no unravelling edges!

Is There A Material That Is Softer Than Satin?

Satin is already soft and luxurious, but that does not mean you cannot take it up a notch. In fact, there is one that tops satin in the form of charmeuse.

Charmeuse is a fabric that has great historic significance, as this was the fabric that was used for formal gowns in the 1940s. Of course, this is not the easiest fabric to sew, so beginners should master their skills before attempting to sew with charmeuse.

To get the best results with charmeuse, you must pay close attention to the grain. Make sure that you always sew on the grain. Otherwise, you may encounter some issues during the sewing process.

What Is The Best Fabric For Party Dresses?

In theory, you could use any of the previously mentioned fabrics for party dresses. However, there is one that stands out more than the rest. Velvet!

Velvet is nice and shiny. In fact, many describe it as a wet and shiny look, perfect for those party dresses. The material has a minimum drape, but that makes it lovely and figure hugging.

It is important to know that velvet can be made from various materials too, just like satin. Velvet can be made with fabric fibres such as silk, but also a combination of silk and rayon.

As you know already, silk is a relatively expensive material, so not everyone will choose the material for their party dresses. As an alternative, you can use satin as well.

If you choose to use velvet, make sure you have some experience with sewing. While it is not the hardest material to work with, it is not a suitable material for beginners.

Other Materials Suitable For Formal Gowns And Evening Dresses

Spotlight has covered some of the most prominent materials for evening dresses and formal gowns, but there are many others. In addition to satin and velvet, you can use anything from brocade to delightful metallic fabrics.

At Spotlight, you can discover a full range of fabrics suitable for special occasions. Whether you need something formal for a special occasion or something a little more casual, you are bound to find it in our range of special occasion fabrics.

Need another fabric to suit your pattern or dress design? Be sure to check out the other fabric categories in Spotlight for more options.



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