Organza fabrics can be used for a wide variety of projects including making bridal and evening wear, home furnishings, curtains and a range of craft projects.

It is delicate, with a flat weave and although it is lightweight and thin, it is surprisingly strong and feels quite stiff due to the tight, twisted fibres. It is available in many different colours in plain and patterned styles.

Here at Spotlight, browse our range of organza and related fabrics which are all available by the metre, as part of our specialty apparel fabrics. Browse the whole fabrics range to find many more interesting fabrics at Spotlight today!

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Can I buy organza fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight has a beautiful collection of organza fabrics in stock, which can be used for a variety of dressmaking projects as well as for interior design projects. Available by the metre in a wide range of colours and designs, organza fabrics are lightweight and delicate, and are often used for evening wear and bridal wear. It is similar to fabrics such as tulle, chiffon, voile and netting, which all have some similar properties although they are all distinctly different too.

What exactly is organza?

Organza is a thin, plain weave, sheer fabric traditionally made from silk. Many modern organzas are woven with synthetic filament fibres such as polyester or nylon. The loose weave of the filaments allows the production to result in sections of cloth that are translucent in nature. A slightly looser variation on the weave will result in a sheer looking fabric. It is often used for overskirts and blouses, scarves and garments that consist of several layers.

What types of organza can I find at Spotlight?

You can find different varieties of organza here at Spotlight, including plain organza in soft, pastel colours as well as printed organza with delicate patterns in various colourways. The range also includes crepon fabric and brocade, which feature similar properties to organza and are often used together.

How do I care for organza clothing?

To get the best out of your delicate garments, follow these handy tips:

  • Wash Gently: If you are worried about damaging your organza, you can wash it separately by hand - take care not to wring it out strongly as you may damage it. It is also fine to put silk and man-made organza in the washing machine on a cool setting. Remember not to include anything else in the load that might catch on it, like zips or hooks.
  • Dry Delicately: Avoid any drying dangers by either hanging or laying your organza garment out flat to air dry and keep it away from direct heat, particularly if it is polyester. If you do tumble-dry, only do so if your machine offers a low-temperature setting, and take the item out of the machine while it is still slightly damp. Hang it up and smooth out the creases as much as possible before it is completely dry to reduce ironing.
  • Iron Carefully: Start with the iron on the lowest setting and gradually turn it up if you need to. If possible, test the iron on a hidden inside spot so any damage will not show. Add a layer of protection by placing a damp cloth between the iron and the organza. Alternatively, hang it in a bathroom and let the steam from hot shower help the creases drop out.
  • Store Folded: The delicate fabric can easily get caught on hangers, zips and fasteners, so store it in a bag, box, or on a shelf out of the way. Layering tissue paper, preferably acid-free, between the folds will reduce creasing and the need for possibly risky ironing. Avoid storing organza in plastic bags, as they can trap damp and cause mould.