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What Are The Best Fabrics For Evening Dresses?

If you are creatively inclined, you will have little problems creating your own garments. You could even make a lovely evening dress for yourself, which will look more stunning than premade ones as they fit your body perfectly. But what are some of the best fabrics to use for evening dresses? Read on to find out!

When Should I Use Velvet To Make An Evening Dress?

Some fabrics look sexy and sensual not matter what you do with them and velvet is certainly one of those fabrics. Velvet has a beautiful sheen and drapes elegantly. Depending on the type you obtain, it can also have a slight shimmer, which works beautifully for an evening gown.

When you make an evening dress out of velvet, always remember that velvet can be made from two different fabric fibres, more specifically silk or synthetic. While silk is certainly the more luxurious and comfortable one, synthetic can be more affordable. Still, both fabric fibres provide the properties you are looking for when purchasing velvet.

One of the most popular types of velvet used in evening dress creation is so-called marbled velvet. The interesting thing about this kind of velvet is that it can change colour as you move, this because light can influence it. So, if you are looking for something that will make you stand out among other velvet wearers, this is certainly an option to try.

Is Chiffon A Good Choice For An Evening Dress?

Anyone who is looking for something a little more breathable in warmer temperatures should consider some chiffon for their evening dress. Chiffon is a lightweight material with some degree of transparency. It can be made from both natural and synthetic fabric fibres, this includes cotton, silk, rayon and other synthetic options.

In addition to chiffon being a breathable option, chiffon also provides you with lots of flexibility. If you do not like evening dresses to fit too tightly around you, then you can get a more flexible and moveable option with chiffon.

For beginners, we must mention that the transparency of the fabric can be a little more difficult to work with. As the fabric is quite thin, needle marks can show easily. So, do not attempt to create an evening dress with chiffon until you have mastered chiffon sewing skills.

Why Use Georgette Fabric For An Evening Dress?

Made from twisted yarns, Georgette is another option for your evening dress. Made from either silk or synthetic fabrics, this fabric is extremely durable because of its tight weave. While it does have less flexibility compared to chiffon because of its tight weave, this is the fabric you want to use for additional embellishments such as embroidery.

Some women prefer an evening dress with lots of detail. Evidently, if you want to apply detail such as embroidery or other applications, the material needs to be durable. With Georgette fabric, this is not a problem. The tight weave provides a sturdy base, but also ensures that your dress can stand the test of time.

When Do I Use Crepe Fabric For Evening Dresses?

Unfortunately, this is a type of fabric that is often overlooked, even though it is one of the best options for formal evening gowns. Crepe fabric is lightweight but is also made with twisted fibres for some added durability. Contrary to Georgette fabric, it does have more flexibility, and this fabric can be stretched.

A dress made from crepe fabric is easily recognised by the crinkles in the fabric. It is also a relatively easy option for beginners to work with, as you can easily shape this material. So, if you want to tackle an evening dress, this is a good fabric to start with.

Should I Choose Satin For An Evening Dress?

Nothing says evening dress more like satin. The material has a lovely gloss all over, and it has a dull back for anyone who does not like the feeling of silk on their skin. The material is also quite resistant to wrinkling, which makes it a good option for those last-minute wardrobe changes before a formal event. Since it can be made with different weaves, it is recommended to check the type of weave before you purchase.



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