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Our range of printed fashion knits is compiled to impress. From stunning poplin fabrics to durable duck cotton, you can find every material under the sun in our fashion knits range. So, if you need some inspiration for a future fashion project, you are bound to find it here. When you shop at Spotlight for your fashion fabrics, you can also count on some really sharp prices. If you are tired of paying too much for your fabrics and don’t want to compromise on quality, you are in the right place at Spotlight.

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What Are The Best Fabrics For Fashion Designs?

If you love making your own clothes and want to make sure you have the right fabrics for the job, you can always count on Spotlight. With a large range of fashion fabrics to choose from, we are sure you will find what you need.

Beginning fashion designers may find it difficult to determine which fabrics they should include in their fashion designs. While there is no right or wrong decision where fashion fabrics are concerned - at least not in the designing stage - some fabrics prove more popular than others. If you are curious about the most popular fashion fabrics for fashion design, be sure to read on.

Why Is Silk One Of The Most Popular Fashion Fabrics?

When you look on the runway and examine the new collections of some of the world's biggest fashion designers each year, you will find it difficult to find a collection that does not include any silk. This is no surprise though, as silk is often associated with superior comfort and luxury.

Fashion designers can use silk fabrics in almost all clothing pieces, this ranges from a lovely dress and blouse to some pyjamas. If you are unsure how silk is incorporated in modern fashion, why not take a look at the collection of some of the world's biggest silk users? Brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Chanel and even Prada are known for their silk use, so you are bound to find some inspiration.

Of course, silk is also a material that provides natural benefits apart from it's beautiful look. Real silk materials are soft and breathable, making them suitable for summer clothing. The material is also durable, so you certainly get what you pay for in this instance.

Why Is Satin One Of The Most Popular Fashion Fabrics?

Satin and silk are often confused with one another, because they have a similar look. This also explains why many designers also use satin in their designs. Still, despite their similarities, there are some significant differences between satin and silk that new fashion designers should know of.

When you put satin and silk next to one another, you will immediately notice that satin is considerably shinier. You could almost compare it to silk with a gloss finish. Satin also has a dull side, this means that only one side of your fabric will have the typical silky feel. While you may look at this as a disadvantage, it actually proves beneficial for that small percentage of people who do not like the feel of silk on their skin.

Satin can be used for many clothing pieces too, but one of its most dominant uses is the satin dress. Satin dresses do remarkably well on the runway and even designers such as Versace and Valentino have incorporated satin into their dresses. In addition to that, satin is also used in shoe designs. So, this is material with an almost infinite number of applications.

Why Is Cashmere One Of The Most Popular Fashion Fabrics?

Another fabric that is known for its superior comfort and softness is cashmere. In fact, of all the fabrics mentioned here today, cashmere is considered the softest. As it shares many properties with silk and satin, you will find cashmere in plenty of designer clothing.

Once again, cashmere is a popular material among famous fashion designers, this includes Christian Dior and Michael Kors. As cashmere is known for its durability as well as its superior softness, it is no surprise that cashmere is a staple on the runway for these designers.

Evidently, working with 100% cashmere is incredibly difficult, this due to the high price tag pure cashmere is associated with. As a beginner, you can work with materials that mimic the effects of cashmere without having to invest in the real thing. Once you become better at designing and making clothes, you can choose to work with real cashmere or not.

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