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The Beginners Guide To Cosplay

Cosplay started out as a niche hobby, but it has taken the world by storm. While cosplay used to be quite limited to comic book and fantasy fanatics, there are a lot more people who want to try their hand at cosplay at a convention near them. If you are interested in cosplay, but know little about it, be sure to read on.

Can Anyone Start With Cosplay?

Everyone can do cosplay, so you do not have to have a certain look to participate. No matter which background you have, or even what you do for a job, it does not matter if you want to get into cosplay. In short, it is a great hobby to allow people to get together.

What Is So Special About Cosplay?

Anyone who has never done cosplay before may see it as a fancy form of dress-up, but it is much more than just dressing up for a convention or a competition. Cosplay has become a genuine artform in which many crafters participate.

Some cosplayers buy their costumes, but there are many people who make their costumes themselves. If you are creatively inclined, then you can try your hand at making some of your own creations. Just look up some online videos of cosplay costume creations and we guarantee you will be impressed with the possibilities.

Of course, you do not have to be a creative genius to start with cosplay, as you can easily purchase a costume from Spotlight as well. So, even if you are not that great in arts and crafts, you do not have to miss out.

Does Budget Matter In Cosplay?

Budget can be a factor is cosplay, as some costumes can be quite an investment. As we mentioned earlier, if you are quite creative, you can create your own costumes for a fraction of the price. You can also take advantage of the cosplay costume range at Spotlight, which provides cosplay costumes for the best prices.

Which Characters Can I Choose For Cosplay?

There is no real limit to the characters you can portray in cosplay, just as long as you enjoy them or are familiar with the series or the movie. You can choose a superhero from your favourite comic book or movie, but also a character from Game of Thrones or Battlestar Galactica. No matter what your favourite series is, you have plenty to choose from.

Of course, the character you portray can be subject to the convention you are attending. For example, if you are attending a Star Wars convention, there is not much point in wearing a cosplay outfit from Game of Thrones. That being said, most conventions are not limited to a single series or movie, but it is a good idea to check.

How Do I Find A Cosplay Convention?

If you are doing cosplay for the first time, it can be a little daunting to find a convention to attend. To start, it is often best to choose a convention near you, this way, you do not have to worry too much about accommodation or transport costs.

Your first convention can also be subject to the budget you have available. Stay local if you want to save money, but if you have enough to spend time at a hotel and arrange transport, you could check out some of the bigger conventions being organised across Australia and the rest of the world, this will provide you with an accurate overview of what cosplay has to offer.

We must mention that cosplay conventions can cross a variety of genres. You could attend a gaming convention where you cosplay as a gaming character, for example, The Witcher. On the other hand, you may be attending a Disney convention and dress up like a Disney princess or other famous character.

When you attend a cosplay convention, do not forget that some conventions actually organise some competitions as well. While this is not for everyone, some cosplay competitions encourage costume creation and actually provide great prizes if you are the winner. You can also participate in a group, which can be less daunting for beginners. As soon as you are familiar with the world of cosplay, be sure to check out this side of the cosplay world.



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