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Stay warm and toasty with our comprehensive collection of fleece and polar fleece at Spotlight. With both pre-cut fleece and those that are sold by the metre, and there are a whole host of colours, styles and designs to choose from. Ideal for making warmer clothing and jackets, browse our selection today for the finest fleece around.

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Learn About Fleece Fabrics And Their Crafting Applications

Many fabrics can be used for crafting these days. Cotton is a popular fabric, but so is fleece, especially when some additional warmth is required for the crafted item. If you are not that familiar with fleece, please read our comprehensive guide to fleece below.

What Is The Difference Between Regular Fleece And Polar Fleece?

There are many different types of fleece that could be used in crafting. Polar fleece is considered a medium-weight fleece - this also includes fleece types such as blizzard and anti-pill fleece. There are other types of fleece with different weights too - this includes micro fleece, minky, or coral fleece.

Naturally, the weight and the thickness of the fleece can influence its properties. So, before you work with fleece, it is always advised to check which weight and thickness will be best for the craft project you have in mind.

What Are The Crafting Applications For Polar Fleece?

When you look at polar fleece, you will find its two subcategories of anti-pill and non-anti-pill fleece. While they are both considered as medium weight fleece, they do have some small differences that could make them more suitable for certain specialist projects.

Among the two subtypes of polar fleece, anti-pill fleece is the highest quality option. The fleece does not pill after several washes, so this type of material is certainly the more durable choice for garments.

You could also choose non-anti-slip. While it does not pill as much as certain other materials, it can get small pills after repeated washes. Therefore, non-anti-slip may not be the best option for garments. That being said, this type of fleece is more affordable and can be extremely functional for some home decor crafting projects.

Beginners who are tackling some sewing projects could also benefit from choosing polar fleece. The material does not slip underneath the needle, nor does it fray. So, fleece can be a relatively good fabric to work with for beginners.

One thing to consider when you work with polar fleece is the fact that the material does stretch. If the fleece you are working with has quite a lot of stretch, be sure to use a ballpoint needle to prevent mishaps.

Please note that the cheapest fleece tends to have less stretch than the more expensive materials. If you want to evaluate the quality of your polar fleece, always check the amount of stretch your fabric has.

What Are The Crafting Applications For Micro Fleece?

Another fleece material you can encounter is micro fleece. While this material is considerably thinner than medium-weight fleece fabrics, the material does not fray at the ends. So, if you often encounter fraying with other fleece fabrics, a micro fleece could be a better option.

We must mention that crafters should take some extra care when working with micro fleece. One of the problems is that the ends can lose their shape due to stretching. To prevent this from happening, ensure you leave no exposed edges.

What Is Cuddle Fleece?

Cuddle fleece is a material that was created to mimic the look and feel of mink - this is the reason why the material is often referred to as "minky". However, due to its unique properties, some crafters debate whether cuddle fleece should be considered as a genuine fleece material.

While cuddle fleece has lots of attractive properties for many crafting projects - this includes an extremely soft and comfortable feel, it can be a little difficult to work with. The material can slide underneath the needle during the sewing process, so we only suggest cuddle fleece for the most advanced crafters.

One of the recommended applications of cuddle fleece is baby garments and accessories. The material is so soft and comfortable, it is always loved by little ones. So, if you are looking for the best application for cuddle fleece, baby garments and accessories should be on the top of your list.

At Spotlight, customers can find various fleece fabrics to use in their crafting projects. It includes both plain coloured and patterned fleece fabrics, so there are many options to choose from. Check out the catalogue today and get your fleece in for your next crafting project.



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