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Your Complete Guide To Knitted Fabrics

Knitted fabrics have always been popular, but recent trends made the sale of knitted fabrics go through the roof. At Spotlight, you can get your knitted fabrics for a sharp price, so you can start crafting with them too. Do you still need information about knitted fabrics and how to work with them? Then be sure to read through our information below.

What Is A Knitted Fabric?

A knitted fabric is a special kind of textile that is made through a knitting process. While it does share some properties with woven fabric, it does have a lot more stretch and flexibility. It can be used for socks and woolly hats, but also sweaters, cardigans and other pieces of clothing.

Are There Different Types Of Knit Fabric I Can Work With?

Yes, there are two types of knit fabrics in general. The first is the weft-knit fabric. The weft-knit is one of the most common knitted fabrics you will encounter. They are popular for sweaters and socks. You can also encounter the warp-knit, which is used to make lingerie. Contrary to warp-knits, they do not unravel when cut.

In addition to the two main knit fabrics, you can encounter many subtypes as well. To ensure you are familiar with the most popular options out there, we have created a brief overview of popular knit fabrics.

Jersey knit fabric: The Jersey knit fabric can be recognised by its vertical lines on the front of the fabric. On the back of the fabric, you will usually find horizontal ribs. It is one of the most affordable knitted fabrics, so it is a good fabric to start with for beginners.

Purl knit fabric: Unlike some knitted fabrics, the front and back of a purl knit fabric is the same. You can find purl knit fabric in lots of different designs, so if you are looking for something original in terms of knitted fabric, this is the kind of fabric to look for.

Purl knit fabrics can be used for countless applications, including sweaters and children's clothing. As this fabric has a bunch of applications, you should certainly add some to your hobby room.

Rib knit fabric: In this section of our catalogue, you will find a collection of rib knit fabrics. The fabric can be recognised by stitches on both sides of the fabric, which produce stitch columns. It also consists of a combination of purl and knit stitches. Unlike most knitted fabrics, rib knit fabrics can be used for almost everything. However, we can especially recommend them for cardigans.

Interlock stitch fabric: An interlock fabric is nothing more than a variation of the standard rib knit fabric. Like regular rib knit fabrics, the front and back of the interlock stitch fabric is the same. However, interlock stitch fabrics are a lot thicker than regular rib knits in most cases. This fabric also does not run or curl at the edges, like some other knit fabrics do.

Double knit fabric: A double knit fabric is a variation of the interlock. To create the double knit, two pairs of needles are used for the fabric. For most double-knit fabrics, manufacturers will use a combination of wool and polyester. Like regular interlock fabric, the double-knit fabric does not curl on the edges.

Cable knit fabric: This is a variant of the double-knit fabric, which is made by using a loop transfer method. The fabric appears to consist out of little ropes placed next to each other, and this can provide sweaters and other clothing with quite the unique look.

Tricot knit fabric: Most tricot knits are made from a special yarn called filament yarn. Most tricot knits have a simple, plain colour. In some cases, they can also come in a cool geometric design.

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Spotlight has an incredible range of knitted fabrics, which is not limited to rib knit fabrics alone. If you want to check out the other knit fabrics in our catalogue, be sure to head to our knitted apparel fabrics for some inspiration.

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