Level: Easy


  • Peony Stem Yellow x 3
  • Wattle Stem x 2
  • Rose Stand Bouquet Orange x 1
  • Rose Spray Yellow x 4
  • Ranunculus Stem Cream x 2
  • Headband x 1
  • Hot Melt Glue Gun & Glue sticks


Step 1 - Removing the peony leaves from the stem, cover your letter headband to ensure no white is showing.

Step 2 - Remove flower heads and buds from stems using wire cutters. Tip - leave a little extra stem than you think you will need as you can always cut it back shorter. Lay out the flower heads on your workbench in horseshoe shape so you know what you would like your design to look like.

Step 3 - Start gluing, starting with the large peonies first. Then fill in the areas around the peonies using the smaller rose heads from the Rose bouquet and the yellow rose stem. As you work down the side of the band, take the bud past the end of where the band finishes to create a rose trail down one side

Step 4 - Finish off the reverse side of the band with 2 ranunculus to cover any exposed stems. Add sprigs of wattle to create height and whimsy to your creation!



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