Cricut Teachers Laptop Sleeve Project

Level: Easy


  • Everyday Iron On of your choice
  • Cricut explore air 2 machine or Cricut Maker
  • Standard Grip Machine Mat - 12"x12"
  • Easy Press Mat
  • Easy Press 2 - we used 12" x10"
  • Weeder
  • Laptop Sleeve ( we used crafters choice laptop sleeve)
  • White fabric ( to use as a liner between vinyl, protect material and easy press)


Step 1 - Go to design space apps and search project Teacher Laptop Sleeve or follow this link

Step 2 - If you want to alter the project, select Customize, then use the tools in the Edit panel to make changes before you cut.

Step 3 - Be sure to Mirror the image then using iron-on and place the shiny side (clear liner) down on the mat.

Step 4 - Follow the prompts in Design Space to cut the images from the iron-on material.

Step 5 - Use a Weeder Tool to remove the negative pieces of iron-on so just your design remains on the clear liner.

Step 6 - Apply the iron-on layers to your project using a Cricut Easy Press and Cricut Easy Press Mat with CRICUT Heat Transfer Guide, link for the perfect time and temp settings: . This project use 140deg C for 30 seconds.

Step 7 - Make sure to place laptop case on clean mat. Preheat for 5 s. We use clean white fabric to line between easy press and vinyl. Press the design.

Note - When using multiple colours, work from largest to smallest and make sure the first layers are protected from excessive heat with each press.



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