Bunny Hoop Project



  • 9" round embroidery hoop
  • 30cm of backing printed floral cotton fabric.
  • 1x white felt square
  • Scraps of pink felt
  • Bow made from 10mm wide red gingham ribbon
  • 38mm white pomp om
  • Crystal brown toy eyes
  • Scissors, pins
  • Craft glue or hot glue gun
  • White perle thread & hand needle (optional)


Step 1.Using templates provided, cut:

  • 1x head & body from white felt
  • 2x feet from white felt
  • 2x inner ears from pink felt
  • 1x nose from pink felt
  • 2x large paw pads & 6x small paw pads from pink felt

Step 2.Separate embroidery hoop and place fabric centered over the smaller inner hoop. Place glue inside the inner of the large hoop and carefully fit over inner hoop avoiding getting glue on the top of the fabric. Tighten screw on outer hoop until nice and tight. Gently pull fabric from behind evenly to gain a tight taut fabric top. Leave excess fabric at the back for now and allow glue to dry fully.

Step 3.Arrange the bunny body, head and feet on to the middle of the top of the floral fabric as per template. Starting with the body, then head then feet, glue felt to the backing fabric.

Step 4.Arrange then glue the inner ears, nose and paw pads on top of the white bunny felt shapes.

Step 5.Make a bow from red gingham ribbon and glue to bunny where the head and body overlap.

Step 6.Glue pompom to left side of bunny's body just above the left foot.

Step 7.As per manufacturers' instructions insert the toy eyes to the bunny as per indicated on the template.

Step 8.Optional: Hand sew a large running stitch with white perle thread around the bunny's outer edges.

If fabric has lost some tightness, adjust fabric and re-glue hoop. Trim excess fabric from back of hoop as close to hoop as possible.



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