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Fun Christmas Crafts To Try This Year

One fun way to spend the holiday season is with some intricate crafting projects. Of course, there are plenty of things to choose, from making a Christmas wreath to making your own Christmas baubles. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight to suggest some amazing Christmas projects this year.

How To Make My Own Christmas Wreath?

There are plenty of Christmas wreath designs you can try. Evidently, this also means that the materials you need will be quite different too. You also need to think about your skill level when you choose a design, especially if this is the first time you will be making a Christmas wreath. Some materials are more difficult to work with, so this is something to consider.

If you are a beginner, we recommend getting a wreath form. Even though you could make one yourself from scratch, crafting a good wreath base can be challenging.

Once you have a wreath form, all you need to do is get some of your favourite decorations to embellish it; this can be some small Christmas baubles, jewels, Christmas foliage and more. You will also need some basic crafting tools to attach your selected accessories to the wreath, including a glue gun and some wire cutters.

What Is A Fun Christmas Crafting Project For The Kids This Year?

There are so many traditional Christmas projects you could tackle, including the traditional Santa drawing with cotton wool. However, we suggest something extra special this year, more specifically the customised Christmas treats jar.

Every Christmas, children get a bunch of sweets and chocolates. Of course, it is never a good idea to eat them all at once, so a Christmas treats jar certainly comes in handy! They are easy to make and a fun activity for the entire family to boot.

You can easily obtain some jars for this project from Spotlight, as well as other accessories you can use to decorate the jars and make them a little more festive; this includes chenille sticks, googly eyes, and some glitter paints. Just get your kids some craft supplies and let their creativity roam free. Once the jar is done, you can use it for many Christmas celebrations in the future.

What Crafting Projects Should More Experienced Crafters Try This Christmas?

Creating a garland with unique materials from scratch can be a suitable challenge for experienced crafters this holiday season. One material you could consider is burlap. Yes! You can create a garland with something as simple as coloured burlap.

To create a garland from scratch, be sure to choose some traditional burlap as well as some red and green burlap. If you cannot find any coloured options, you can always dye them yourself. Once you have the necessary burlap, cut them all in thin strips. Then, take a selection of Christmas lights that do not have any additional decorations. Take the burlap and knot them around the wire.

Of course, you do not have to stick with the traditional Christmas colours for your garland. You could also choose your favourite colours. Simply knot each burlap strip close to the other and enjoy the result.

Getting Christmas Crafting Supplies From Spotlight At An Amazing Price

When you love to craft during the holiday season, you are bound to need an extraordinary amount of crafting supplies. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight and an extensive catalogue of Christmas crafting supplies.

At Spotlight, you will find amazing crafting supplies for sharp prices throughout the year. So, you can also count on us for craft supplies outside the Christmas season. From balls of yarn to quilting and sewing supplies, Spotlight provides everything you need.

Do you still need some decorations for the holiday season? You do not have to look further than Spotlight either. During and before the holiday season, we provide a large range of Christmas decorations. Of course, in true Spotlight style, you can also count on the sharpest prices in New Zealand. So, why wait for special deals and discounts when you know you will get the best deal at Spotlight anyway? Check out our catalogue today for some amazing and unbelievable deals!



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