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How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like A Real Pro

Decorating a Christmas tree may seem quite straightforward, until you try to decorate it yourself with Christmas around the corner. If you always have a little trouble decorating your Christmas tree and making it look good, why not benefit from our beautiful baubles as well as our convenient guide below.

Should I Always Get A Real Christmas Tree?

Many people believe that you always need a genuine Christmas tree to make your tree decorations look good. This is far from the truth, because the same effect can be achieved with an artificial tree, and it leaves less mess to clean after the Christmas period.

Of course, not all artificial trees are made equal. A good quality artificial tree is important, as it provides a better base for all the baubles, garlands, and other decorations you will be using on your tree.

It is also important to know that some artificial trees can have additional features. For example, some trees already come with built-in Christmas lights, while others are easier to store when the Christmas season is over. It is always a good idea to check out these features.

How Do I Make The Branches Look More Real?

One of the issues many people have with artificial trees is the branches. Yet, there is an easy way to make your artificial tree look like a real one. Even though the process is a little time consuming, it is certainly worth it for the aesthetics of your tree.

To make the branches appear fuller and more lustrous, simply separate each of the branches and ensure they cover all the gaps. The benefit of artificial branches is that you can bend them to meet your requirements, so you always get a perfectly shaped tree.

Why Is A Theme Important For Christmas Tree Decorations?

When you create your Christmas tree, it is important to have a theme. After all, using baubles, garlands and other decorations in different themes can really kill the aesthetics of a tree. So, deciding on colour, decoration type, and other details beforehand is certainly recommended.

How Do I Start Decorating My Christmas Tree?

Decorating a Christmas tree should always begin by putting your Christmas lights in. The reason for that is quite simple, because it is quite difficult to add your lights to the tree once you have added garlands, baubles and other decorations.

To start adding your lights to the tree, start at the centre of the tree and go down to the bottom. Once you reach the bottom, keep wrapping the Christmas lights around the tree until you nearly reach the top. Then, you wrap them back down again until you have reached the farthest branches.

Of course, there is a trick to the wrapping process. When you start, make sure one light goes over the branch, while the next one goes underneath. This will give you an even distribution and a better aesthetic overall.

The baubles you use on the Christmas tree need to be proportionate too. Decorating experts recommend using three different baubles, this in a different size but a similar colour. By doing so, you can create a more cohesive and visually appealing design.

One of the decorations that is often forgotten for Christmas trees is the ribbon. Nevertheless, decorating ribbons can make Christmas trees look absolutely amazing. Once again, it is recommended to use ribbons of different sizes but in similar colours. As mentioned before, this will create a cohesive design, but also attract the attention in the right kind of way.

You can also use so-called tree picks to make your tree stand out. Tree picks can envelop many different types of decorations, this includes berries, pinecones, and other natural Christmas decorations. While you should never overload your tree with these decorations, you should always add a couple to make the design stand out.

Of course, you cannot finish your Christmas tree without a decent tree topper. Fortunately, you can get some amazing tree toppers from Spotlight. So, if you do not have the necessary items to decorate your tree, be sure to take a closer look at our extensive catalogue and benefit from our sharp prices.



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