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Piñatas are so much fun and kids of all ages will love whacking these vibrant characters until confectionary, and small toys come raining down. Whether you are shopping for a traditional donkey piñata, a cute character, unicorn, or anything else, we have the piñata for your party in this selection. Ready and waiting to be filled with delights, shop piñatas and accessories for fun and laughter guaranteed.

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What Can I Use As Pinata Filler? Find Out At Spotlight!

Pinatas are popular for children's birthday parties. After all, what is not fun about a papier mache shape filled with delicious candy and other fun things. Of course, you do want to keep your children's teeth in the best condition possible, so it is always a good idea to use fillers other than candy. If you want to make sure you have the right fillers, make sure to check out our options below.

Which Candy Should I Include In A Pinata?

Since pinatas are commonly used in warmer weather, you have to be careful with the type of candy you include in a pinata. Chocolate is a bad idea for example, as this can melt in the warm temperatures. Instead, choose candies such as liquorice, smarties, and lollipops.

If you do decide to include chocolate in a pinata - or other candy that could melt - be sure to store your pinata in a cool location for as long as possible. Only take the pinata out when you are about to use it, this will prevent the chocolate and other candy from melting before the kids get to it.

What Kind Of Toys Can I Include In A Pinata?

Small toys and other supplies can also be included in a pinata, this ensures that the kids do not get candy alone. As this is better for the teeth, including these toys and supplies is certainly a good idea. If you need some inspiration, check out some of our recommendations below.

Summer toys - Since most pinatas are used in the summer, it is a good idea to use some seasonal toys that can be used in the summer.

When you include summer toys in your pinata, you must make sure that they are small enough to fit in the pinata. After all, you will have to include a few. Good seasonal toys for your pinata include some bouncy balls, bubble blowers, and tiny water guns.

Art and craft supplies - Children love arts and crafts, so you could include some of those in your pinata too. Evidently, these things should not be too big. So, use some pencils, brushes, or even some crayons in your pinata.

In addition to the basic arts and crafts supplies mentioned above, you can get a little more creative too. Choose some playdough, stamps, and other unique crafting tools to include in the summer pinata.

Boy or girl themed toys - If you are having a children's party that solely includes girls or boys, you can choose some toys that match a girl or a boy. Pirate or astronaut themed toys are brilliant for boys, while princess and Disney themed toys are great for girls. You can also choose small things such as bracelets, jewellery, lip gloss, and the like.

Can I Use A Pinata At An Adult Party?

Pinatas are not only suitable for children, as you can also create a pinata for adults. Of course, the candy and the delicious goodies you will include in your adult pinata will be different than those you include in a child's pinata.

One good idea for adult pinatas is so-called nostalgic candies. If you think back to your childhood, there are undoubtedly some candies you associate with being younger. If you want your pinata to be a success, including some of these candies will be a hit.

Some party accessories should also be included inside a pinata. You could include fake moustaches, temporary tattoos, or even some streamers and confetti. You can also include some functional items such as pens, erasers, and the like.

How Do I Fill My Spotlight Pinata?

The pinatas available at Spotlight usually come with their own instructions. If the instructions are not included, then your pinata should have a label that states "to open press here". Evidently, this is the area you push to open up the pinata and add all the goodies you want.

At Spotlight, you have the choice in a wide assortment of pinatas. We have suitable options for children's parties, but we have some pinatas that are suitable for adult parties too. So, be sure to explore our extensive pinata range and benefit fully from our attractive prices.



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