Serviettes & Napkins

At Spotlight, we love to party, and we stock everything that you could possibly need to throw the party of the year, including this colourful selection of serviettes and napkins. Whether you are shopping for colourful disposables to keep little hands and mouths clean for a children's themed party or elegant linen napkins for your formal event, we have got you covered. Discover our serviettes and napkins range now, with every colour of the rainbow, a wide array of patterns, styles and designs, and our fabulously low prices across the collection.

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Can I purchase Serviettes and Napkins from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Serviettes and Napkins are an essential dining accessory, helping to prevent and mop up spillages and keeping our hands and faces clean. They have an aesthetic function and have multiple uses at the dinner table. At Spotlight, we have a huge variety of napkins and serviettes, featuring a whole host of colours, patterns and designs. Whether you are looking for linen napkins that can be reused over and over or colourful disposable options that would be ideal for a party, then shop Napkins and Serviettes online or in store today.

What is included in this range?

Napkins are an essential dining accessory, helping to prevent and mop up spillages and keeping our hands and faces clean. They have an aesthetic function and have multiple uses at the dinner table. Wrap a napkin around your bottle of red as you serve for a traditional restaurant feel. This collection features tons of napkins in a huge array of different sizes, materials and colours. You are sure to find the one that complements your colour scheme with this much choice available. There are so many bright and colourful designs to choose from, in a range of different materials. Choose paper napkins or serviettes for a disposable option that will still look fabulous or hotel quality napkins that are ideal for a more formal event. Cotton and linen napkins offer a sophisticated touch that reflects opulence and elegance. Plus, they are also better for the environment!

What other tableware do you have available at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, we have just about all the tableware, decorations and accessories that you could possibly need, and you are sure to find what you are looking for here. Check out our selection of tablecloths, which will help to ensure that your table is always set in style. We have a large glass and stemware collection to serve drinks in, as well as cutlery so that guests have all that they need to enjoy your culinary creation. At Spotlight, we also have a wide selection of top-quality dining ware, including stunning dishes, plates and bowls in a wide range of different styles and designs. Table decorations will ensure that your table is always laid to perfection, a floral arrangement, candles or seasonal decorations could make an awesome centrepiece. Table runners are great for bringing the whole thing together, whereas, table mats will help to protect your linen. If you are looking to make a great impression with your tableware, then get set up with our collection, available now at Spotlight's guaranteed low prices.

Do you have any tips for folding napkins?

If you want to add an extra touch of something special at your next dinner party or sit down meal, then why not fold your napkins for a great way to express yourself. There are so many different ways that you can fold your napkins, with a wealth of inspiration available online. Fold your cutlery in napkins for an easy way of making a table look neat. The art of napkin-folding is a great way to add a splash of something special to your holiday entertaining, and your guests are bound to be impressed with your creative skills. Choose a napkin in a colour that contrasts your table for a truly fabulous aesthetic display. With napkins and serviettes from Spotlight, your table is guaranteed to look the part.



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