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Serve up your party snacks in style with our extensive range of fun party tableware at Spotlight. There is a wide choice available, including disposable options in an assortment of colours, styles and designs. Whether you are looking for plastic plates adorned without your child's fave character or napkins and tablecloths that will match your party decor, shop party tableware at Spotlight's fabulously low prices.

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How To Get An Elegant Party With Disposable Tableware

Getting genuine crystal glasses and high-quality cutlery can be challenging if you are throwing a party on a budget. However, not having crystal glasses and the proper cutlery does not have to stop you, because you can throw something elegant and sophisticated with disposable options too. If you are wondering how, be sure to check out the recommendations from the Spotlight team below.

How Do I Make Disposable Tablecloths Look Fancy?

When you look at disposable tablecloths for your party, always look at how thick they are. Thicker disposable tablecloths look a lot fancier, and they are less likely to rip or tear during the party. You can also choose some beautiful and elegant designs. So, a disposable tablecloth does not have to look cheap at all!

Of course, the things you put on your table also influence how your venue looks. You could make some centrepieces yourself if you are on a budget and put them on your table to make the entire thing a little more sophisticated.

Can I Still Get The Crystal Glass Look Without Buying Genuine Crystal?

Most people who throw elegant and sophisticated parties will usually have those typical crystal glasses, which make the event look spectacular. Of course, this does not help you when you are on a budget. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid the cost of crystal glasses, but still make your glasses look amazing.

Instead of genuine crystal glasses, you can choose some plastic glasses that mimic the crystal glass look. While experts can tell the difference by looking closely and through the light weight of the glasses, it still looks a lot fancier than normal paper cups.

When you use plastic glasses instead of crystal, you are going for a copied look. So, you will be less concerned with the fact that these glasses are not as heavy as genuine crystal. You also do not have to worry about someone breaking genuine crystal, so you can relax at your party too.

Is Disposable Cutlery A Good Idea For An Elegant Gathering?

Much like tablecloth and glasses, disposable cutlery comes in various shapes and materials these days. While we all know the basic white and thin plastic options, if you are going for something elegant, there are plenty of alternatives that do not need to cost a lot of money.

Instead of thin plastic cutlery, you can now get some in a thicker plastic with a stainless-steel coating. This cutlery is considerably stronger than the basic plastic option and it looks like genuine stainless steel. So, if you do not have the money for genuine cutlery, why not choose some thicker plastic ones instead.

How Can I Make Paper Plates Look Fancy?

Basic paper plates may not look as fancy, but they are brilliant for children's birthday parties. However, if you want to use some paper plates for an adult party, there are some ways to use paper plates and still make them look fancy.

Paper plates are available in various designs these days, this makes them look like genuine plates. Of course, you will still feel the difference between a paper plate and a genuine plate, despite its design. Still, it is the look that matters.

To ensure your paper plates look a little fancier, it is a good idea to choose plates that have a complex design or have been done in more than one colour. Choosing these designs makes the plates look fancier, despite the fact they still feel like regular paper plates.

The thickness of your paper plates can also have an influence on how they look. So, be sure to check out some of the thicker options when you purchase paper plates.

If you purchase paper plates and trays for your food serving as well, it is important to consider how you place the food on the plates. For paper plates, it is usually better to use smaller portions. Use small finger foods and place them strategically on the trays to make it look more elegant. Don't forget to decorate your table too, as this will make the theme come together even better. A good party does not have to cost a lot, just a little smart planning.



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