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At Spotlight, we have an awesome collection of Toy Favourites for children of all ages. Creating loot bags can be a stressful time for the party planning parent but not to worry, we have got you covered. Whether you are looking for boy's toys, girl's toys or gender-neutral options, we have a wide range available with everything available from bouncy balls to dinosaurs and everything in between!

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Get Some Of The Best Party Favour Ideas For Children

Party favours are popular with young and old, so they are most certainly suitable for children's parties. Unfortunately, many adults struggle to create a party favour selection kids love, mainly because it is so difficult to keep up with the latest crazes. Fortunately, you can take advantage of some great ideas provided by the Spotlight team.

What Are The Best Favours To Include For A Children's Party?

Whether you want to be original or give guests an original memento from your child's birthday party, there can be many reasons why you are looking for an original party favour selection. But what are some of the most original and unique ideas at the moment?

Books: One of the best gifts you can include in a party favour is a book. Ideally, you want to choose a book that matches the theme of the party. While books can be more expensive than other party favours, this party favour is bound to be treasured by every recipient for years to come.

Colouring book and pencils: When you want to keep the kids entertained, or are worried about the birthday party activities, you can always include some colouring books and pencils in the party favours. You can buy these in bulk, so they do not have to cost loads of money.

Treats and nibbles: Kids like nothing more than a nice goodie bag packed with treats and nibbles. Of course, make sure that you are aware of potential allergies among your child's guests before you create the party favours. If you are unsure, make sure the included treats cannot cause any allergic reactions.

Seasonal accessories: Whether the birthday party takes place in the winter or summer, there is always some room for seasonal accessories. For the colder months, you could include some fun ear warmers. For warmer weather, why not include some flip flops or some inexpensive sunglasses?

Cuddly toys: This is a big hit among younger children, because who does not love a selection of cuddly toys? Small cuddly toys are also quite affordable, so you do not have to break the bank with your party favours.

What Are The Best Party Favour Fillers?

If you plan on including one big party favour and a bunch of fillers, you will need some inspiration for party favour fillers. Fortunately, Spotlight is bursting with amazing ideas you can use!

Seeds: Kids love things they can plant and grow over time. While the planting process may need some assistance from mum or dad, you could also make it a fun activity for the birthday party. Just make sure you have enough small plant pots for the guests to take home their plant.

Mini games: We all have fond memories of mini games from when we were children. Whether you loved playing with marbles or a mini maze, we are sure that you remember most of these fun little activities. Adding some of these as fillers to a party favour is therefore a good idea. Not only are they affordable, they are timeless too.

Straws: With many countries banning the manufacturing of plastic straws, reusable straws have become a big thing around the world. Reusable straws are affordable these days and come in a variety of different materials.

If you have the budget, you can expand on reusable straws as well. For example, you could add some reusable cups and plates too. Of course, make sure they are child-friendly and child-sized.

Hair accessories: If the birthday party is for a little girl, then you can go crazy with some hair accessories such as hair clips and hair bands. You can get these hair accessories in bulk for an affordable price and use them as filler for your party favours. They might even become the favourite item inside the favour bag.

Bubbles: Blowing bubbles is most fun when you are a kid, so why not include some bubble blowers. Like some of the other fillers we suggested, bubble blowers can be bought in bulk and are an affordable way of filling up those party favours.

Face paints: While it may not be the favourite party favour for parents, it is a brilliant idea for kids. Simply add some pains and sponges and they will be occupied for the entirely of the party.



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