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How To Get Your Child Prepared For Trick Or Treating?

Halloween is a fun event for the kids. After all, it lets them do some of the things they enjoy most, this includes getting dressed up and eating lots of candy. Of course, as a parent, you want to make sure that your children are properly prepared for their Halloween experience. To find out how, be sure to read our guide.

How Do I Select An Appropriate Costume For Halloween?

The costume your child will be wearing is more important than you think. The costume is more about just looking cute and adorable to get the maximum amount of candy for your child. After all, you have to take the safety of the costume into consideration too.

Firstly, your child's costume should not obscure your child's vision. This means you should avoid ill-fitting masks. You should also avoid capes and anything else your child might trip over. Capes are also advised against due to the fire risk, since many people have Halloween lanterns with real candles at their front door. The last thing you want is the cape catching on fire. So, if your child does want a superhero costume, make sure there is nothing that could catch on fire.

Once you have selected a costume for your child to wear, be sure to make it clear what the costume is for. Decide whether or not your child should only wear it for trick or treating, or if they could wear it for the entire day on Halloween. Also, set some ground rules for the fitting. Tell your child that they should only wear it for a couple of minutes to ensure it fits for Halloween. Explain that they should not wear it until Halloween to prevent the costume from becoming dirty.

How Do I Prepare My Child To Visit Other People's Homes?

Halloween is actually the perfect opportunity to teach your child about interactions with other people. Of course, since these interactions can be good or bad, it is best to teach your child both.

Firstly, practice the trick or treating custom with your child. Tell them to say "trick or treat" when a person opens the door and to hold their goodie bag forward. Do not forget to teach them to say thank you when they receive some candy.

Some people will tell your child to pick some candy from the bowl. Most children automatically take a large amount of candy from the bowl, which is not exactly polite. Tell your child that it is important to only take one or two pieces.

If you do not take your child trick or treating yourself, be sure to inform about stranger danger. Tell them not to run off unaccompanied by an adult. Also, teach them the basics on how to react when a stranger approaches them and offers them candy from a van or a car. While it can be complicated to explain this for Halloween, you can run your child through some possible scenarios to help illustrate the difference.

Finally, be sure to talk about additional scenarios, for example, what do you when a person is not at home. Or how to react when a person refuses to give candy during a trick or treating trip.

Which Things Should I Agree On With My Child Before Trick Or Treating?

The guidelines you set out for your child will certainly be subject to the fact if you are accompanying the child or not. However, here are some of the basic guidelines you should cover.

Start and end time - Make clear agreements with your child on when trick or treating will start and when it ends. If you do not accompany your child yourself, make sure you agree on a time for your child to be home. It is also a good idea to talk to the person who will be supervising.

Allowed houses - Be clear about the houses your child is allowed to go trick or treating. Also state that your child should only ring doorbells where there is sufficient lighting and always do so when there is supervision present.

Repeat - It is best to go over the rules several times before Halloween takes place. This way, your child is bound to remember the rules.



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